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Co-Opticast Episode 130: Our Destiny Episode

It's time to talk about Destiny. The game we've been waiting for, for years, is finally here. On top of that we talk about the Lord of the Rings Card game, Madden 15, and the console version of Diablo 3. Finally we chat about cloud computing and whether or not it'll make a difference for consoles.

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Upcoming changes to Wildstar and Guild Wars 2, Details for RIFT: Nightmare Tide

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XLVI: For the Players!

Summer’s wrapping up, but the patches and such are still steadily rolling out for some of the bigger MMOs. This month, we look at some upcoming changes to Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar as well as more details about the upcoming RIFT expansion, Nightmare Tide. Interestingly enough, all of these new pieces seem to be really geared towards addressin...

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Any game under $60 is yours free.

Buy An Xbox One and Get a Free Game - Including Destiny

Microsoft is really pushing for new buyers this week, especially with Destiny releasing multiplatform. It wants those customers who are considering picking it up on Sony's platform. Right now at participating retailers in North America you can pick up an Xbox One, including the bundles like Madden or the Kinect-less One and you'll get a free game - ANY game.

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