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Owner, creator, and mad scientist of Co-Optimus, Nick spends every spare minute devoted to gaming.

Co-Op gaming has been in his blood since the days of Sega Genesis playing Streets of Rage and Golden Axe. Of course the fond memories of the boardwalk arcade and Raiden II, Aliens vs. Predator, and Ninja Turtles didn't hurt either.

Nick's resume includes over 6 years of gaming coverage experience, including leadership roles at many prominent gaming outlets. He has created numerous websites to feed his insatiable appetite for world domination, of which, is coming along nicely.

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Not only games, but movies and books too!

Shop Amazon's "Digital Day" For Deep Discounts on Downloads

Amazon is having a "Digital Day" today, offering deep discounts on digital downloads through their online store. While this traditionally is a PC only sale, we do see quite a few offers on PS4 and Xbox One titles as well. There is A LOT on sale, and we'll highlight some of the co-op goodies below. But if there's anything Santa didn't deliver this year, you might want to check it out.

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Some quick deals!

Here are the Best Co-Op Deals for Black Friday

Black Friday seems to become longer and longer every year. I'm pretty sure it started on November 1st for most of the internet, but there are some exclusive deals today on Amazon for gaming goodness you can grab. We've looked through the pages and pages and picked out some of the best co-op focused deals. Clicking the links support Co-Optimus!

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Feel the Tron

Battlezone VR Co-Op Review

It’s fairly fitting that Battlezone VR is a launch title for Sony’s PlayStation VR platform. The original 1980’s arcade game in some ways can be considered one of the first VR games that was released. The cabinets had players looking through a set of goggles at a black and green lined based battlefield filled with tanks. Players w...

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