Andrew Gaskill - Editor

Andrew started gaming with a second-hand Atari 2600 and a shoe box full of dusty cartridges. He remembers playing the original Street Fighter in actual arcades and when jump-kick, sweep was best combo in a fighting game. He thinks Zelda II: The Adventures of Link was one of the most under appreciated games on the NES, and usually begins and ends his argument by screaming "Downward Thrust!"

Andrew got serious about co-op gaming while in college, pursuing his Creative Writing degree. He realized it was easier to get a novice into gaming if he was helping them and not virtually murdering their on screen persona every few seconds. He has had several real world jobs that had nothing to do with video games. He decided that was pretty lame. He now writes for the internet and is a full time Dad. His wife and main co-op gaming partner is the person who keeps his writing coherent, preventing it from becoming a cavalcade of obscure references to things he thinks everyone should know. Reading his work is scientifically proven to make you a better person.

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