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Bring a pet in your boat! AAHHH!

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Adds Skin Support, Fishing, Baby Zombies

You know how mobile ports of PC and console games always get left behind when it comes to new features? Minecraft: Pocket Edition players know what I'm talking about. The portable version of the block stacking game inches closer to parallel features for its PC counterpart, including fishing, skin support, and boats that hold a player and their pet. Aww!

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With enough exposed midriffs for you both to enjoy!

Terra Battle's Co-Op Mode Is Out

If you happen to be one of the 1.5 million people who've downloaded Terra Battle, you may have noticed the "Co-Op Play," menu option. It's been disabled since the game launched in October of 2014, acting as an ever-promising sign of things to come. Developer Mistwalker announced earlier this week that Co-Op play is finally out on both Android and iOS versions of the tactical rpg/puzzle game.

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The Inevitable Port Has Finally Arrived

Terraria Announced for PS4 and Xbox One

Another year of our lives gone, another year closer to death, another port of Terraria.  Originally released on the PC, the now massive 2D action-adventure game has found its home on a plethora of devices.  Most recently, it's been announced that you and seven other co-op pals can now relive the experience of fighting a glowing, multi-armed space skull on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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Now known as Spry

Latest Skylanders Trap Team Trailer Brings Back Spyro

By now the origins of the Skylander series are being lost in the mists of time, but before there was Skylanders Trap Team there was a plucky young dragon called Sypro who starred in his own adventures.  Now his doppelganger is one of many characters you can play as and the new trailer for the highlights why he is still awesome.

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