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I'm listening....

Marvel Heroes Coming to Consoles as Marvel Heroes Omega

I've enjoyed Gazillion's action-RPG, free-to-play, loot grindfest, Marvel Heroes 2016, for some time over the past year and a half. The "Biggest Update Ever" this past January made, from my point of view, some welcome changes to the title, and also increased the speculation that a console port would be on its way. Last week, Gaz finally revealed that port as Marvel Heroes Omega.

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You can't make an eOmelette without breaking a few circuits

Arcade Shooter Circuit Breakers Coming to Xbox One

The six player (local) co-op shooter Circuit Breakers will be making its way from the PC to the Xbox One next year. Initially released on Steam last year, this frantic twin-stick shooter lets players choose from one of four characters before proceeding to blast their way through as many bots as they can. Circuit Breakers is cu...

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I'm trying to contain myself

Nintendo Releases Video of New Console

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a pivotal moment in gaming that many of us have eagerly been waiting for. After over a year of vigorous rumor and speculation, light has finally been shed on a question that has showered discussion boards and plagued the minds of gamers everywhere: what is the Nintendo NX? Well folks, today we get a glimpse of Nintendo’s next generation console, simply named the Nintendo Switch.

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