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Feel the Tron

Battlezone VR Co-Op Review

It’s fairly fitting that Battlezone VR is a launch title for Sony’s PlayStation VR platform. The original 1980’s arcade game in some ways can be considered one of the first VR games that was released. The cabinets had players looking through a set of goggles at a black and green lined based battlefield filled with tanks. Players w...

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Will you be able to watch tanks blow up in slow motion?

Battlezone on PSVR Will Have Four Player Online Co-Op

When they're not figuring out how to make sniper bullets move in the slowest of motions and cause the worst kind of damage to some people, UK developer Rebellion has been working on a modern take of the '80s arcade title Battlezone. The game is slated for release next month on the PlayStation 4 (a PlayStation VR headset is required to play) and it was revealed today that it will support four player online co-op when it launches.

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