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Includes red Joy Cons, special carrying case, and code for game

Super Mario Odyssey Hardware Bundle Coming Soon

There wasn't a whole lot of co-op news coming out of the Nintendo Direct on Wednesday. The previously announced Kirby title finally got a name, Kirby Star Allies, and a few already known co-op titles, like Nine Parchments, were shown off, but other than that, the only other semi co-op news was the announcement of a Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle that will be available to purchase soon.

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Worms Revolution\Worms 2 retail bundle on the 360

Wiggle It to the new Worms Revolution Collection Trailer

Wiggle it; I want to see you wiggle it!  Not that, put it away immediately.  What I want to see wiggle is the crazy worms of The Worms Revolution Collection coming to the 360 on May 3rd in the UK.  The pack will not only contain Worms Revolution and Worms 2: Armageddon, but also all the DLC currently available for both games.  This retail pack is only planned for the UK at the moment and is priced at £24.99.  Co-Optimus will inform all if/when the pack is planned for release in other territories.

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If you still want a Wii, there's some local co-op friendly Wii packs coming soon

Skylanders Giants and Just Dance 4 Wii Packs Out November

The Wii U is right on the horizon, which for some probably means finally turning in their old Wiis. For others, though, it might mean trying to score some good deals on the old console before it disappears forever. At least, that's Nintendo's thought, because there's two Wii packs due out early November. Happily, they're both local co-op friendly due to the new releases they come bundled with. The two bunddles are the Just Dance 4 bundle (4-player local co-op) for $130 and the Skylanders Giants bundle (2-player local co-op) for $150. These bundles are due to hit the shelves November 4th.

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