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Both will be out by year-end.

Two Upcoming Civilization VI Nations Get Detailed

It's always nice to see new nations get added to Civilization games.  They make the world feel just a touch larger and more varied.  They generally add fun, new strategies to both wield and plan against, as well as bringing a bit more artistic flair to the g- ah, who am I kidding?  I just like 'em cause they give me a few more targets to crush on my quest for global domination.

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Easing your Fall wallet damage.

Top Co-Op Deals on Gears of War 4, Civilization VI, and Shadow Warrior 2

Bethesda may be wanting to draw in additional PC gamers to The Elder Scrolls Online because starting today it's never been cheaper. Several PC gaming retail sites have dropped their prices, but the best deal is GMG with a 55% price break to $26.79. We've seen drops to $39.99 on TESO Gold since its September 9 release, but this is a new low by a wide margin.

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