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Peter Venkman, the Doctor, and Batman walk into a bar

LEGO Dimensions Co-Op Review

I was initially attracted to LEGO Dimensions for one reason: you could play as the Doctor and fly the T.A.R.D.I.S. I expected it would be a fun little side thing in the game, but that’s all. What I did not expect was for TT Games and Warner Bros to incorporate all the best bits of so many intellectual properties into one cohesive form while r...

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Comedy is dead.

Zombie Vikings Co-Op Review

Video games, as a whole, have been mining Norse Mythology for ideas and story beats since someone said “let’s implement a story as to why these pixels just stabbed these other pixels.” And why not, right? Nordic myths are chock full of good versus evil, insurmountable odds, stalwart heroes, monsters and/or dragons, and a body coun...

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