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Double Dragon II: The Revenge Kicks its Way to PS4

Long before double rainbows were a thing, double dragons were an even bigger thing. The Double Dragon series of sidescrolling arcade beat-em-ups helped popularize the genre with solid co-op kicking and punching action. The effect was even greater when the games made it to consoles. Now, that shift to home systems is repeated some 24 years later with the release of Double Dragon II: The Revenge on PS4.

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Bro-tacular savings!

Indie Gala Steam Sale Features Double Dragon: Neon, Pixeljunk Shooter And More

Indie Gala, long dormant since it last staggered forward from the Savings Mines, has returned! This time bearing a bag teeming with Steam sales even the most self-righteous Valve employee might agree to, Indie Gala's slumming around for a bit to see who wants a cut of the deals. These games are only on Steam though, so anybody without a PC should just walk away.

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Abobo has missed you.

Double Dragon Trilogy punches its way onto iOS and Android

Have you ever been surfing the web on your fancy smartphone and suddenly been struck with the urge to rescue a pixelated beauty named Marian from the evil Black Warriors gang? Who hasn't! Finally, we can all satisfy those random desires with the release of Double Dragon Trilogy for iOS and Android. Grab a pal and take it to the mean streets of such locations as "factory" and "woods" as you fight to rescue your lady love. Spoiler: She gets shot and dies in the beginning of Double Dragon 2.

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You can't keep a good Double Dragon down.

Double Dragon II Launches on XBLA This Friday. Check Out Our Exclusive Preview!

It’s hard to believe that nearly two years ago, I wrote the first exclusive preview of Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons for Co-Optimus. A 3D remake of the classic Double Dragon II arcade game, it seemed destined to revive the historic beat-em-up franchise after years of inactivity. Korean game developer Gravity Co, Ltd. and publisher Barunson Creative Co Ltd. understood the series’ importance in the gaming landscape and found the second game’s story most exciting, hence their decision to remake it for modern audiences.

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