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Shank Soundtrack On Facebook, Challenge of Adding Co-op Appreciated

To the community that was watching the development cycle of Shank from a distance, the single player campaign just felt too epic to mess with, but co-op sounded too sweet not to demand. To the developers, the single player campaign is too epic to mess with - so they had to make a few decisions when they decided to upgrade the game to include co-op.

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Claptrap Sound Clips Available For Free Download

As a regular cell phone user, I am always intrigued by unique sounds for my phone that make it stand out in a sea of other cell phone ringtones. Major Nelson's blog seems to agree that unique sounds are important, and who doesn't love game bytes? The  Borderlands mascot character Claptrap will now be making a nice home on my cell phone via the Claptrap Sound Bytes that are available for free personal use on the Major Nelson Blog.

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