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Traveller's Tales have announced over 30 million sales in the popular LEGO Star Wars franchise

LEGO Star Wars Feels the Force of 30 Million Sales

Just a few days ago, in a Galaxy not very far away, the LEGO Star Wars franchise sold over 30 million copies. This number spans the entire series all the way through to LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars. If 30 million sales was not enough excitement for LEGO developer Traveller's Tales, they are celebrating this landmark by signing an extension to their contract with LucasArts until 2022.

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LEGO Star Wars III Code Included with HDD

It's No Astromech, But It Does Come With Software

There's a new 320-gigabyte hard disk drive right around the corner for Xbox 360 Slim owners who'd like to upgrade their download capability. The same drive that was included in the recently-released Gears of War 3 edition console and will be included with the Star Wars-themed R2-D2 console available this December, it will be on shelves as a standalone addition to your current Xbox 360 Slim (only) for $129.99 US.

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Nintendo 3DS Review and Game Impressions

The Nintendo 3DS is here and Co-Optimus has the full review of the system and 4 of the launch titles. While, sadly, there's nothing on display in co-op...yet, there's a lot of stuff to talk about with the 3DS. Obviously 3D is first and foremost, but this little machine has more to offer than that.

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Nintendo 3DS Launches This Weekend, We Set StreetPass Co-Op Play Straight

Nintendo's 3DS handheld console launches today in the UK and Australia, while the system will launch in North America on Sunday the 27th.  Priced at $250, this marks Nintendo's most expensive handheld to date, but also its most ambitious.  The main feature is obviously the glasses free 3D screen for games and video, but there's a lot more packed into the little hand held than meets the eye.

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Two New Lego Trailers Featuring Pirates and Clones

The prolific Lego titles are at it again.  Today we have two new videos from Traveller's Tales, the makers of the Lego games.  The first video is a preview of the new Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game.  The title will cover all four movies, and it is set to release May 13th, around the same time as the fourth film On Stranger Tides. The second trailer is a cut scene from the upcoming Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, which should be out March 22nd.  You can check out a demo on Xbox LIVE. It appears the games will have the same sense of humor that has helped them appeal to gamers of all ages.  Both Lego titles should be available on every major system, as well as support two player co-op.

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