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MMO Meets the Da Vinci Code

Crack Into Cloud Chamber's Mysteries with Friends

Ever want to play super sleuth and crack open an international conspiracy with your pals, but you're too afraid of what dark secrets you might uncover? Maybe you should turn your attention to Cloud Chamber and satisfy your need to expose the truth from the safe confines of a video game. A new spin on the MMO, Cloud Chamber is a game where players from all over the world collaborate with information they find to investigate the mysteries of the story.

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Upcoming changes to Wildstar and Guild Wars 2, Details for RIFT: Nightmare Tide

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XLVI: For the Players!

Summer’s wrapping up, but the patches and such are still steadily rolling out for some of the bigger MMOs. This month, we look at some upcoming changes to Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar as well as more details about the upcoming RIFT expansion, Nightmare Tide. Interestingly enough, all of these new pieces seem to be really geared towards addressin...

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