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Bloodsports.TV Co-Op Review

Bloodsports.TV is the cooperative “MOBA-like” game I’ve been looking for over these past few years. It drops much of the competitive metagame concepts, like laning, jungling, and last hit, in favor of focusing on a friendly, team-based survival experience....

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Win a Free T-Shirt from Co-Optimus and TeePublic

It's been a few months since we launched a brand new T-Shirt store in partnership with TeePublic. Our store not only sells the official Co-Optimus branded T-Shirt, but dozens of other co-op themed t-shirts created by the community. Today we're giving away three shirts to some lucky readers, and all you need to do is pick your favorite design and caption it from our store.

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Co-Optimus Launches New T-Shirt Store with TeePublic

We've had a handful of t-shirts over the years, but today we're launching something a bit different. In a partnership with TeePublic we're launching a T-Shirt store with carefully curated designs that promote cooperative gaming. Whether the theme is Borderlands 2, Dark Souls or Ninja Turtles, if we think a t-shirt exudes the idea of "playing together" we'll feature it in our TeePublic Store.

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