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Are you ready to wok?

Tabletop Co-Op: Wok Star

There are several common themes that we see over and over again in tabletop board gaming. Fictional genres like fantasy and science-fiction are typically very well represented, as are historical games set during times of war. Every once in a while, though, a game comes along with a totally unique theme. The co-op board game we are looking at today ...

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Goblins Vs. Zombies

Tabletop Co-Op: Zombies Keep Out

So it turns out zombies are pretty popular. There are lots of movies, TV shows, book, and comics based on everyone’s favorite undead shamblers. Video games have seen a whole host of zombie themes, and the same is also true with games of the tabletop variety. In this column alone, we’ve covered two zombie-themed games already: Zombi...

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Bringing co-op to your party

Tabletop Co-Op: Cranium Hoopla

Typically, when we cover cooperative board games here at Tabletop Co-Op, we look at recent games, and typically those that are highly thematic and deep strategically. Today, we consider a game that is a bit older, non-thematic, and devoid of any sort of strategy or tactics. Cranium Hoopla may be different from what we normally discuss here, but it&...

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Everybody scream!

Tabletop Co-Op: Dead Panic

Way back before Tabletop Co-Op was a regular feature here at Co-Optimus, we covered boardgames every once in a while in our Casual Fridays column, dedicated to family/kid friendly games. One of the first cooperative board games we discussed was Castle Panic, a great game for adults and kids alike reminiscent of the tower defense genre. Today, we wi...

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Adventure on the Cursed Island

Tabletop Co-Op: Robinson Crusoe

The game under discussion today is one of the best we’ve ever covered here on Tabletop Co-Op. It was released in 2012, and has been getting rave reviews ever since. The game has been hard to find until very recently, and I was gleefully able to pick up my copy a few weeks ago. Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island is both highly the...

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Grab a deck and team up to take down a horrific beast

Tabletop Co-Op: Magic the Gathering Face the Hydra

​For Tabletop Co-Op this month, we are headed back to the mega-popular world of Magic: the Gathering. Magic is one of the most competitive head to head experiences gaming has to offer, but there are some homebrew variants that offer cooperative play. We covered one such fan created variant, Horde Magic, last year. Recently, Wizards of the Coast r...

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Roll for support

Eon Altar Now on Kickstarter

You may remember that this last year at PAX East, I went hands-on with a neat little game called Eon AltarEon Altar combines a tabletop RPG experience with the modern technology of smartphones and tablets for pretty awesome results. Last week, a kickstarter was launched for the game, and now it's your turn to help out if you want to see this game come to life.

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You DEFINITELY want some of this.

Tabletop Co-Op: Aliens

This month's installment of Tabletop Co-Op will be a bit different than usual. Generally, I cover board game card games that are currently in print, or at least easy to track down. Today, though, I'm going to share a recent experience I had playing a decades-old board game that has been modified and tricked out into something spec...

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