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Timeless brawler classic delivered for the price of a happy meal

Guardian Heroes HD on XBLA for 400 MSP

If you are a fan of cooperative games (and you should be, you are visiting Co-Optimus), then chances are you have heard about Guardian Heroes HD. Originally released for the Sega Saturn, Guardian Heroes HD was the remixed version of the Treasure classic. The game is a unique and timeless beat em' up that has stood as a solid game to this day. It is a golden standard by which to measure other games in the genre. This has as much to do with the amazing graphics, music, and animations as it has to do with the underlying game mechanics. This is a thinking man's brawler, particularly on hard mode. It features experience and stat point distribution which can come into play in a large way. Best of all, it sports some very fine cooperative play both online and locally.

by Marc Allie 5
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Classic Treasure Brawler Guardian Heroes Gets HD Treatment

Developer Treasure has brought co-op fans some great games through the years: Gunstar Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, and Ikaruga immediately come to mind.  These three Treasure titles, among others, have been (or soon will be) released for Xbox Live Arcade, and this fall another joins the ranks.  Guardian Heroes is getting the full HD remake treatment, with all new graphics and a widescreen presentation.  Online co-op, as well as standard couch co-op, will be included, too.  I've heard lots about this storied action-RPG hybrid, but never played it since it was only released on Sega Saturn.  We look forward to hearing more about Guardian Heroes as its fall release date draws closer.

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