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Money, it's a hit

Current Deals With Gold Includes Mass Effect: Andromeda, Stardust Galaxy Warriors

I know, I hear you out there. "Where are the new co-op games," you're wondering. Yeah, me too, buddy. But hey, while we all wait for the inevitable deluge of releases this holiday season, take a little time to check out this week's Deals With Gold where you can pick up Mass Effect: Andromeda, Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax, and more at reduced prices.

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Local co-op mode included!

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Conquers PlayStation Vita

It's just a touch late to the party, but Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires is finally out for game-starved PlayStation Vita owners. The portable version packs all the strategy, the characters, and the co-op from the console versions into your hands, allowing you to use the touchscreen to unleash special skills and dominate the battlefield. Take that, other dynasties!

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