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Just think of all the new ways you'll die!

Check Out The New Gameplay Trailer For Dark Souls 3's "Ashes of Ariandel" DLC

"This is it," you said to yourself back in April.  "One final time into the Dark Souls breach, and then I'm off the stuff for good."  You did it all.  You deciphered the obtuse lore.  You gathered the most hard-to-reach items.  You downed even the toughest of foes.  You died, over and over and over, and at long last, you emerged from the misty land of Lothric, battered and scarred, but all the better for it.  You were finally done.

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The dark knight rider?

LEGO Batman Movie and Knight Rider Coming to LEGO Dimensions in 2017

The next cycle of Level, Team, Story, and Fun packs for LEGO Dimensions will start rolling out next Tuesday with a couple Team and Level packs, as well as the new Ghostbusters movie Story Pack. A Story Pack based on "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" will arrive in November (as well as a few more Team/Level/Fun Packs), and Warner Bros Interactive announced Monday that more is on the way in February 2017.

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