News | 11/30/-0001 at 12:00 AM

Track Down Cyberpunk Gangs in Upcoming Co-Op Arcade Shooter Huntdown

Make a healthy living by making living unhealthy.

In the world of Huntdown, gangs of the retro-future have completely taken over. The Hoodlum Dolls are out in full force, the Misconducts are armed to the teeth, the Heatseekers are riding with a vengeance. Since you're a radical bounty hunter protagonist, it's your job to show them what's for, all by shooting stabbing and slaying everything in your path. You'll collect a bounty at the end of each level as you work your way towards a final boss. Or bosses, as the case may be.

The biggest selling point of the Huntdown experience is retro inspired gameplay. Everything is hand drawn in glorious pixel art splendor and runs at a smooth 60 FPS. The team is also including a couch co-op multiplayer mode that will allow at least two players to join in on the knife-wielding fun. Only a few details have been released at the moment, only that the game is coming to PC and consoles in 2017.