News | 5/31/2009 at 10:58 PM

Lord of the Rings Goes Kid Friendly With Aragorn's Quest

The Lord of the Rings video game license now belongs to Warner.  Their first game is a departure from the darker tone of the excellent movies, clearly aiming for a younger audience.  Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest is headed to the Wii this fall. 

As evidenced by the screenshot above, the graphics look stellar, particularly for the Wii.  The game will allow a second player to join in to co-op as Gandalf.  It appears Aragorn and Link have much in common, as Aragorn will hack and slash through his enemies, sling arrows and fight on horseback.  The story is a retelling of the events of the novels in fairy tale fashion, as Sam retells the tale to a group of young hobbits.

I know I'll be watching this one closely.  You can check out the first trailer for the game below, or in our YouTube channel, where we'll be putting all the trailers coming out of E3 this week!