The House of the Dead: Remake Co-op Review
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The House of the Dead: Remake Co-op Review

The old House is new again but still filled with zombies.

The original House of the Dead arcade game is one of the titles for which Sega famously lost the source code, hence there were no further ports of the game after the Saturn and PC versions in 1998. Despite the first game’s limited availability, it would go on to spawn numerous sequels and even a terrible Uwe Boll film. Now, more than 20 years later, the first HotD finally comes home again thanks to MegaPixel and Forever Entertainment. The House of the Dead: Remake brings most of the fun of the arcade game (including 2-player local co-op) to the current generation of consoles and Steam.


The Co-Op Experience: As in the original arcade hit two players can blast the zombies together.

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