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Path of Exile’s next league, Legion, is almost upon us.

Path of Exile has been going strong for quite some time now, thus the legions of leagues throughout the years. Now,Grinding Gear Gamesis having Legion as its new league. Yes, that’s the name; and yes, it’s going to be as awesome as the previous ones, if not more. So start stocking up on POE Currency and get ready for Legion!

Simply Timeless

The reason the latest league is called Legion is because that’s exactly what you’ll be taking on. Not one, not two, but five legions! Trapped for millennia in what’s known as the Domain of Timeless Conflict, you will be freeing and subsequently fighting the formidable armies of, according to legend, Wraeclast’s mightiest military leaders.

In order to defeat them, you’ll have to use Timeless Monoliths first. Through them, you’ll be able to reveal and unseal monsters that have been frozen in time. Defeating them will grant you rewards. The tougher the monsters, the better the rewards will be. There are even monsters that drop specific items, and you’ll be able to tell which monster drops a particular item by looking at the icon on top of its head. As for league-specific items, there are Incubation Items, POE Orbs that can modify gear after killing a certain number of monsters.

Aside from the usual item drops, monsters from the Timeless Monoliths will also yield Splinters. By combining them, an emblem of the legion they belong to will be formed. Combiningtwo or more different legion emblems together will grant you entry to the Domain of Timeless Conflict. Once you finally unlock the upgraded Map Device, you can finally fight in the league’s main event.

Melee Combat: Better than Ever

It already goes without saying that they’re going to be tough customers. Thankfully, the new league–in true blue Path of Exile fashion–will behanding out new items. In fact, Legion will even throw in a bit of an extra, as it will be doing something a rather specific tweak: melee combat revamp.

Players that use melee combat classes have been noticing a few issues, so in response,GGG will be making a few changes for the better—some of which even affect all classes. First off, low-level movement skills will be added for all classes, giving everyone more mobility. Next, the animation system and monster targeting rules have been generally made better. In line with monster targeting, accuracy rate will no longer be capped at 95%. What you’ll be doing with accuracy beyond that, nobody knows, but if it might be helpful to you, then why not?

As for the melee class-specific specific changes, there will now be attack animation canceling after they’ve dealt damage. And in order to make melee combat classes as appealing as the popular AOE skill-based ones, melee attacks will now hit multiple nearby enemies.

And we’re not yet done with the melee classes! Legion will be adding new build archetypes, and the first two that have been mentioned are melee. There’s the Blood and Sand Gladiator archetype, which will allow players to choose between Blood Stance and Sand Stance, with each one having a different play style.There’s also the Rage Berserker archetype, which features a new Rage system and new skills that either use or build up Rage. Many more new archetypes will be coming, so it won’t be a surprise if this turns out to be one of the most popular—and most important—leagues in the history of Path of Exile!

Path of Exile: Legion will be hitting the game on June 7 this year. Hopefully, by then you’d be ready, and everything we’ve told you will have helped you out in planning ahead. After all, it’s tough being up against legions, so it’s a must that you be prepared!


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