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VPNs For Games

Professional gamers actively use VPNs for games to increase ping speed and gain an advantage over other players. And such services are also needed by those who play for the sake of pleasure and want to enjoy the maximum benefits and gain access to previously closed opportunities. In this article, we will take some ideas from Cooltechzone and discuss how VPN works, and which provider to choose.

Five Reasons to Use a VPN For Games

These advantages will be important not only for those who participate in tournaments or spend days and nights in multiplayer games but also for those gamers who want to relax, clicking with their mouse in the simplest gaming applications.

1. Ping Speed Increase

For example, if you are located in Germany, and the game server is in America, ping speed loss cannot be avoided. It happens because packets go through the fiber at speeds up to 200,000 km/h and are delayed on intermediate servers. Using a free VPN for games, you can change the IP to American that will reduce response time.

2. Geo-restrictions Removal 

Sometimes games are available only to users from specific regions and countries. Or they conduct closed beta tests only for locals. They cannot be accessed without replacing the IP address. Just one click of the connect button, and you, along with others, explore a new world.

3. Saving Money at Steam

Steam prices are set separately for different countries and regions, and the difference sometimes reaches tens of dollars. Why should you overpay if you can find the best price by changing IP? Using such a productive way as a VPN connection, you can buy any collection editions from America, France, Australia, and any other countries.

4. Protection and Anonymity 

A VPN for online games is especially important if you are going to participate in important tournaments. Sometimes, opponents arrange a DDOS attack to eliminate a strong gamer. Packages are lost, the game freezes, and it is impossible to win. A VPN creates an encrypted and secure communication channel between you and the server, so you are not afraid of any attacks.

5. Bypassing Any Restriction

Are you banned in the game? Maybe, a network administrator denied access to games? Is there an age limit? Everything can be bypassed if you run games through a VPN. This is your new online freedom format. No one can control what you played.

Review of VPNs For Games

If you play serious online games where the ping speed, ability to quickly reconnect, and stability of the connection are important, then only paid programs will work. On average, they cost about 10-12 dollars if you buy them for a month, and 3-8 dollars per month if you buy a package for a year.

The best VPNs for games usually provide separate servers for gamers, with the highest possible speeds. Just select one of these servers when connecting.


ExpressVPN is perhaps the number 1 in the world for gamers, as it provides the highest speed, unlimited channels, and reconnections without losing the connection to the game server. Servers are located in 90 countries, so it’s always possible to choose the closest one.


NordVPN offers gamers dedicated game servers that are tactically positioned so that the game is fast. Level 1 network, optimized channels, and minimum response time make your gaming experience really comfortable. 


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