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How high stakes casinos are implementing multiplayer functionality


As the name suggests, multiplayer functionality means that a particular video, computer or online game contains a mode that enables several gamers to take part in it together. It is something that there is a big demand for among gamers because it allows friends to play games together as teams, but it also provides the option for people to compete against each other. Increasingly, the top online casinos for high stakes found at are incorporating this tech into the games that they offer customers. This adds another dimension to the gaming experience by providing it with a social side that it otherwise lacks, and the greater appeal that offers also makes it attractive to the gaming industry by bringing more people into it.


What games really showcase multiplayer functionality?

There are a lot of very popular games on the market that have built their audience on this multiplayer gaming mode. One example of this is the game Battlefield, which pitches the player into a landscape of World War One era conflict, complete with bayonets, grenades and other weapons of that period, but also with distinctly fantastical elements such as Behemoths and Bots controlled by Artificial Intelligence. In this game the multiplayer functionality turns it into a co-op game where two team mates fight alongside each other to survive, and this chance for friends who are passionate gamers to join forces to try to win has contributed hugely to its success.


Another game that has gained a following at least partly as a result of multiplayer mode is Rocket League, a rapid fire game that involves toy cars playing football. This would doubtless be a successful game anyway, given how unusual and enjoyable it is, but the fact that it provides a mix of competitive and co-operative multiplayer gaming has not hurt its chances of gaining an audience. It is competitive because the players divide into teams that play against each other, but also a co-op game because each team has more than one player on it working together to try to win the league.


Multiplayer functionality and casinos

The immense popularity of games that provide a good multiplayer mode like these ones has not gone unnoticed by those operating high stakes online casino sites. After all, playing against other people has always been a key factor in the enthusiasm gamblers have for casino games. Whether a gambler is pitting wits against other experienced players at the poker table or trying to be the one at the roulette wheel to pick the correct colour and number, land-based casinos have always seen multiple people compete for big money. The difference now is that online casinos are using multiplayer technology to enable those playing from home to enjoy the same experience. 

The plans that they have for multiplayer functionality include letting people play poker or blackjack against other real players in online casino settings that precisely mimic those of land-based ones, making the whole thing a fascinating mix of the actual and the virtual. These games are to be played for genuine money, often sizeable sums, just as in a casino in the real world, making this an example of competitive multiplayer functionality.

These casinos are also going further in exploring the possibilities that this gaming mode offers by creating online tournaments where multiple people play poker, video poker, blackjack or slots games for big money. This allows groups of friends who share an interest in casino gambling to test their skills and nerve against each other, but also lets an individual find out how good they are when up against experienced strangers. The majority of online casino games that have multiplayer functionality enable as many as six different players to take part if is a table game like poker or blackjack. The multiplayer slots games and tournaments let even larger numbers of people play against each other in competition.

Not all of these tournaments are entirely competitive though, as the online slot ones often combine competitive and co-operative play modes within the same event. These contests start with the players all competing against each other in a slot game, but should one of the players activate the bonus round, all of those involved then move into co-operative mode to try to win this jackpot together. If they succeed, the prize money is shared out equally between them. This has become known as ‘co-op slots’ and it is a type of online casino gaming that is rapidly gaining an enthusiastic fan base because of the innovative way it explores the different kinds of multiplayer functionalities and then throws in the chance to win serious money as well. 

Multiplayer functionality is something that an increasingly large number of game developers consider to be absolutely crucial to the sales success of their games in 2019, and now online casino sites are following suit. This functionality has the benefit of letting the casino sites accurately replicate the experience of playing other people for high stakes at a land-based venue and adds another dimension to the experience of playing at a casino online.


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