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2019 Trends: Top Themed Online Slot Games


2019 Trends: Top Themed Online Slot Games

The casino world has grown and changed beyond recognition since its origin. There are so many choices from Adventure and Ancient-themed slots to those based on movie franchises and favorite music groups. Now it is not quite clear if dozens of slots were created to meet the needs of every customer that comes by or just confuse the one with a variable choice. It always ends with examining through long lists of online slots that mostly leads to picking the first one you come across. We take responsibility for this mess and will categorize the most popular themed slots to make it easier to explore new online games. They are easy to access, and they provide different customer experiences to try.


Following trends to get the Best Online Slot Experience

The online slot market is continually changing. A decade ago, the market was full of the same, tedious, and flat slots. No surprise that the main target audience was elderly customers with traditional preferences. Nowadays it has changed a lot. Land-based slot machines turned into skill-based slots for Millennial audience. They include a sensor screen, improved graphics, and advanced gameplay with a plot. At the same time, online video slots take over the iGaming market, and the age of the audience falls by half. They became free to play, mobile-friendly, have various genres, and include improved bonus features that keep the customer engaged.

Adjusting online slot bet settings is necessary for getting the best experience out of the slots and allow the customer to set individual stake. It is essential for several reasons, which are enabling to increase time playing slots and giving more control to the player. Some other settings can be adjusted within online slots, which include the sounds and volume settings, auto-play features, and gameplay modes. All these features come along with different themes to choose from. The most popular in 2019 became: Music, Movies, Egypt, Asian, Sports, and Adventure.


Music Theme

Everybody loves different music genres, and therefore it should come as no surprise that there is plenty of music-themed slots on the market. Without a doubt, there is at least one of your favorite bands or singers who have slots with their name and music right now. While nothing innovative is typical to these music-themed slots, they are often worth checking out for their soundtracks alone, giving you the chance to spin alongside some of your favorite tunes and following graphics.




The Kiss Slot is one of the most popular because it emulates a fantastic Kiss show experience with some great features, such as its free spins bonus round, triggered by the members of the band. Another musical star-based slot is the Michael Jackson Slot that will focus on the titular King of Pop. It boasts some fantastic animation and sound effects that make it a popular choice for slots players all over the globe. 


Movie Theme

One of the latest popular trends in the market is the increase in film and television themed slots. Players can now embark on a fantastic journey alongside their favorite characters from a movie or television show. These slots perfectly capture the essence of being at the cinema or watching on a streaming service at home, along for the ride with a thrilling car chase through London streets or even fighting crime alongside Batman. There are so many movie-themed slots on the market that there is bound to be one for everyone. These themed games are often packed full of original, exciting features dedicated to a particular movie to keep players interested, as they are often popular choices due to their theme.



One of the most famous movies and TV themed slots in 2019 is the Game of Thrones due to the final season that became the most discussed topic on the web. The game puts players right into the heart of Westeros, while the Gladiator and Dark Knight Rises slots are two more games based on award-winning films that capture the magic of their on-screen counterparts.


Egypt Theme

One of the most popular themes for online slots is Ancient Egypt. The origins of the popularity of this theme stretch back to classic land-based fruit machines and casinos where the likes of Cleopatra and Tutankhamun help fill the reels. These slots are perfect for lovers of Egyptian history and also for those who just want to learn a bit more about the lands of the Pyramids, Ancient Gods, and relics in a fun and entertaining way. Most of these games feature a God or a Goddess and a set of reels full of a fantastic symbol such as pyramids, scarab beetles, and various hieroglyphs. 

Another beautiful part of Egyptian themed slots is the theming itself. The music can often make you feel as though you are genuinely in Ancient Egypt, and the elegant design can make these slots as alluring as they are rewarding.




One of the most popular Egyptian-themed game is Queen of the Nile by Aristocrat software provider. A site, the review of the game with a demo, supports to play free pokies like Queen of the Nile on mobile and with no download. The website made Queen of the Nile game a popular choice among gamblers in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand due to its high payouts, and beautiful theming. Queen of the Nile is perfect for lovers of the ancient relict. The game gets recognition for its fantastic free spins, bonus rounds, and friendly user interface.


Asian Theme

Everyone loves Kung-Fu movies, so why not bring the excitement to nowadays with slots as well? Well, now consumers can experience a walk in the Oriental world with some incredible Asian-themed slots. They combine the beauty of China, Korea, and Japan with some unique features that will make every player fall in love with them. Asian-themed slots are easily one of the most popular themes in the gambling industry because they contain the most astonishing and well-designed symbols, such as pandas and dragons. The music for Asian themed slots is traditional and perfectly fits that immerse the player into the Oriental World.




Hong Bao is one of the most popular Asian-themed slots because it gives exciting prize multipliers and free spins, keeping players playing long beyond the capabilities of the bankroll. Spirits of Zen is another excellent slot that will get the gambler right into an Anime movie, where the one takes the role of the star of the scene. Besides the stunning visuals and sound effects, there is an array of alluring features and the ever-popular 243 ways to win feature to find on some slots.


Sport Theme

If film, music, and Ancient history do not sound exciting, the next theme of the slot is bound to grab the attention of mainly the men's audience. Sports-themed slots are growing in popularity, and there is an ever-increasing number of sports slots connected both with official franchises and vaguer, general sports. The customers can now play alongside their favorite team or players to achieve the grand prize, hitting the elusive jackpot.




Some of the best sport-themed slots are Aussie Rules and Heavyweight Gold. Aussie Rules offers players the real Australian Rules football experience with well-designed symbols, such as a whistle, cards, and a football player. Heavyweight Gold is perfect for boxing fans, letting them take a journey inside the boxing ring where all the action takes place. A player will fight for his or her life to try and get the prize and the golden belt.


Adventure Theme

Adventure Themed Slots became so popular because they perfectly combine two effects, visual and audio. There are two kinds of Adventure-themed slots, and those are the old-style five-reel slots and the newer, more feature-packed slots that can often extend to more rows or reels. Classic adventure slots boast some typical penny slot symbols, as well as symbols such as jewels and treasure, while the newer video slots, will be packed full of 3D features and effects to keep them exciting.




Some of the best-known adventure-themed games are Mr. Vegas and Greedy Goblins. In Mr. Vegas, players will get the opportunity to experience a real day in the Vegas life, all thanks to the awesome symbols and animations. Greedy Goblins will cheer players up with its 3D visuals and incredible animations, all happening while the helpful goblin stands on the side and helps you try and hit the jackpot.



Next time you are overwhelmed with the choice of online slots available on the market, read through this guide and let us help you pick your next slots. There are bound to be at least a couple of tie-in slots available for those who are particular fans of a film, television show, video game or music artist. These slots may offer lower RTP compared to some non-franchise slots, but their design, features, and theming make them extremely popular amongst many online gamblers. It is not a challenge anymore to find accessible games online among thousands of lists that are perfect for a particular person.


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