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FIFA 21 Hits The Scene With Boosted Co-Op Capabilities

EA Sports' FIFA series is one of the most popular and successful franchises of all time. Every release is eagerly anticipated by millions around the world, with FIFA Ultimate Team the game mode of choice for most. FIFA 21 is available to play now on console and PC, and EA Sports have taken steps to boost the game's co-op capabilities.

You could suggest the tweaks EA sports make to FIFA with each release are minor, as they look to continue with a product they know works for the masses. However, they do often focus on specific areas in an attempt to add a freshness to proceedings, and this time the developers have gone all out where co-op gaming is concerned. And their efforts aren't limited to the casual game modes. There are co-op capabilities in FUT this year too, something which many have asked for recently.

FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT as it's known, is one of the most popular game modes around. 

The development team were keen to bring meaningful ways to the table where users could play along with friends in the latest release, in a similar fashion to how online casino games, bingo halls and their chat rooms, have become a social gathering point in recent years. Division Rivals, Online Friendlies and Squad Battles in FUT 21 are all co-op compatible, and getting started couldn't be easier thanks to the new friends' widget which is accessible by hitting R2 or RT on the PS4 and Xbox 1 respectively.

Division Rivals, which is the most challenging game mode in FUT, will see duos work together to climb the rankings. The matchmaking system will use the skill rating of the better of the two players when searching for an opponent, which is fair. It's the ideal way to play for those who may struggle with the mode playing alone, allowing them to climb the divisions to claim better weekly rewards.

Online Friendlies with friends is similar to last year, where an array of match types will be available to enjoy. Classic, Headers & Volleys, King of the Hill, Long Range, Max Chemistry, Mystery Ball, No Rules and Survival all feature, with a simple matchmaking process in place. It's a great way to become familiar with how friends work together on the pitch, with less pressure involved. They can then take this into the more competitive game modes and use their experience to their advantage to gather rewards.

Squad Battles is another co-op ready mode, and as friends will be taking on the computer in this scenario, they could find it easier to rack up the wins. As everyone knows, squad battles, in terms of point-scoring, are capped. So, the most advantageous way to play together with friends here is when both players have scoring games remaining. Before a match begins, players will see a notification if they will be eligible for points towards their Squad Battles total for the week, so keep an eye out for this, in what is a tremendous effort by EA at getting friends gaming together.

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