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A Guide to Online Casinos in the USA

A Guide to Online Casinos in the USA

Look no further for a USA Casino guide. Many consider the U.S. to be the hub of casinos thanks to the world-famous Las Vegas strip. But, how much do the favorite in-person casinos translate to successful online casinos? For the most part, casinos in Las Vegas are not legally allowed to operate and serve U.S. citizens, but there are some exceptions.

If you are in the USA, you might actually need to play online casinos that are not based in the USA due to legal reasons. The laws get tricky and different states in America have different laws, with more becoming legalized regularly.

Las Vegas Online Counterparts

If you have gambled in Las Vegas you might think you can play at some of the same casinos online, but that is not usually the case. Online gambling is not yet legal in Vegas. That said, you can most likely do sports betting online through Vegas casinos, so if that is what you are looking for you might be in luck.

While you can’t do a lot of online games through Vegas, you can also participate online in the World Series of Poker (WSOP). There was a low passed in 2013 that legalized online poker in Nevada. The WSOP does actually offer you free money to sign up and it also offers no deposit bonuses, meaning you can get some bonus money to spend before you spend any of your own money. These bonuses are typical elsewhere in the world, but somewhat rare to be found in somewhere like Las Vegas.

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Playing Foreign Online Casinos as an American

Any online casino not based in America should accept American citizens. It is not illegal for Americans to play outside the U.S., so finding one based elsewhere might be the easiest solution for Americans looking to play online casinos.

Americans can look to play online slots, or pokies, through other countries in Europe or Australia, as many of them do not have restrictions against allowing Americans to play online. The infrastructures set up abroad are amazing, and Americans can legally play online just about any game they want. Whether it is poker, slots, pokies, blackjack, or something else, there are plenty of legal options in other countries that permit American citizens to play.

Do not hesitate to play abroad as you wait for the laws in America to change. If anything, you can improve your skills and be a better player when America legalizes online gambling.

Online Casinos in America for Americans

It really depends on what type of play you are looking for. Most states now have online sports betting, so if you are just looking to put a wager down on your favorite team, you should be able to do that in America.

In general, while in-person casinos in America have been plummeting, online casinos are seeing growth like never before. While they are still not legal everywhere, the rate of growth is exponential meaning one day we could see online casinos being legalized across the United States of America.

Pennsylvania has seen a growth in online casinos it has never seen before. With most people in the world staying inside more often in the wake of the global pandemic, online casinos, in general, have seen a spike in activity.


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Other Options in the Future

While it might be disappointing that you cannot play your favorite Las Vegas casinos online and there are no licensed online Nevada casinos, playing online abroad is the easiest way for Americans to play slots online. Nevada residents can legally play online casinos in Nevada, but those legal protections do not extend to residents of other states in America.

The online casino industry does expect to grow and it is possible that one day American citizens will be able to legally play online in any state. As American citizens await legal legislature to change, they can continue to play online abroad without worrying about doing anything illegal.

Don’t forget, online sports betting is legal across the U.S., so if that is all you are looking for, you should have no problem finding an online sports betting app that you can use anytime you want.

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