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Best land-based casinos in Cyprus and predictions for the future in the niche.


Gambling in Cyprus

Just a few decades back, hearing the word “gambling” would automatically paint an image of a land-based casino, or a dim, smoke filled room with men betting money on card games. Today we have loads of options - some of which don’t even require you to leave your own room. Online casinos, that is. Both physical locations, and gambling sites are on high demand, and Cyprus players are gaining more and more freedom in the said selection. However, the laws are still uptight on the matter, and there are quite a few limitations CY players face. For instance, there are currently only about 9 cities in Cyprus with 36 legal gambling facilities, and certain forms of gambling remain restricted.

Online gambling is just as tough of a subject, as players can only engage in sports betting at this time. Thankfully, we have sites like Casinority that help find the best online casinos in Cyprus that allow players from the region, and thoroughly explain the regulations to the T. All things considered, it seems like there’s some more room for loosening the strict rules for various forms of gambling in the country. There’s no way to know what the future holds for certain, but there are a few predictions that sound rather convincing in the light of current facts.

The future of gambling in Cyprus

Keep in mind - anything can happen. It’s only in 2012 that certain forms of gambling became legal in Cyprus, and since then we’ve slowly been seeing the industry unravel, as thousands of tourists created a larger demand for land-based casinos in hotels, resorts, and other locations. That year the law also deemed online gambling to be illegal, and nothing but Sports Betting is permitted on the web in the region. So how does that tie in with what’s going to happen in the future? Well, there are a few determining factors that will play a significant part in this case.

The use of offshore casino sites may very well result in the legalization of online gambling in the near future. Firstly, there are thousands of players that spend a hefty amount of time on offshore online gambling sites, and there’s no way the law is fully stopping that from happening. But here’s where the drastic change can happen - casino facilities have been closed due to the pandemic, and the government is losing out on money that the industry has been bringing in. If the cash-flow doesn’t come from there, it will continue landing into the lap of offshore gambling sites. Therefore, it would be safe to assume that to make up for the loss, obtaining a casino operator’s license in CY could soon become a possibility. The Cyprus government cannot take a cut from online casinos don’t operate from within, but taxing locally based gambling sites or players wouldn’t be the worst of the moves for their own benefit. At least for the time being, of course. 

A dip in the graph? Maybe not. Perhaps you’ve wondered what will happen to businesses with physical locations in the next few years. Will there be a financial crisis, or will businesses flourish the moment facilities will finally open up again after the 2020 crisis? Physical casino locations have been reopening, and we now see that most brick-and-mortar facilities in CY are somewhat back to normal, and allow people to gamble inside with certain restrictions in place. However, the number of tourists has drastically dropped in the past year, and the decreasing number of visitors is harshly affecting the revenue of each casino location. Looking at the recent events, it seems as if though we have found the magical cure to the virus, and we are starting to see a sliver of light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. The prediction in this case would be that the newly-available vaccine will dissolve a plethora of traveling restrictions, and the tourists will come flooding the cities of Cyprus once again in no longer than a year or two.

What does that mean for you? Well, it depends. If you are a Cyprus player that prefers online gambling, let’s hope that the first prediction will play out in your favor. That way there will be no need for sneaking around and playing illegally on offshore sites. But if you’re biting your nails, worried about land-based casinos - let us ease your mind. No matter what happens in the future, people will seek sources and facilities for gambling, and others will see big money in that demand. It’s a cycle that will continue building until one of two things happen:

1. People will suddenly give up casino entertainment, and end gambling once and for all.
2. Business oriented people will lose interest in making money.

Neither of those options sound possible, so whichever way we go - we will more than likely see all forms of gambling in Cyprus flourish, and laws loosening up as years go by. 

Best land-based casinos in Cyprus

Despite the potentially good news, online gambling still remains illegal in Cyprus. That’s unless you are fine with solely settling for online Sports Betting. So to stay on the safe side, we recommend that you visit some land-based casinos in Cyprus. Below you will see three of the best physical gambling facilities that are fully legal and regulated.


1. Concorde Casino                4.7 

From the outside entrance, to the very heart of the  Concord casino building - it’s completely drenched in Luxury.  The casino is located in the Concorde Luxury Resort in North Cyprus, and offers a one of a kind opulent gambling experience. See for yourself via a virtual walkthrough on the official site.

2. Liman Hotel & Casino by Merit        4.0  

One of the classiest casinos in Cyprus is located in the Liman Hotel. Gourmet food, gorgeous hotel rooms, and a beautiful casino is at your disposal 24/7. This is an all-inclusive experience that could potentially pay for itself in some exciting casino winnings! Get your suit on, it’s time to experience the splendor opportunities of the Liman Casino.

3. OPAP Galaxias Casino            4.5  

You don’t want to miss out on this casino experience with a modern spin. OPAP casino invites you to a chic facility filled with endless winning opportunities. And although it may not be as grand in size as other casinos, it certainly makes up for it with the rich variety of sports, and casino gambling entertainment.

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