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Tips for Setting Up a Gaming Expo or Event

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Want to know what the winning tactics are for organising a gaming expo or event? Then you’ll enjoy today’s article. Competition is one of the oldest event styles in history and winning always feels amazing no matter what game you’re playing.

Since we’re living in a digital world the style of gaming has changed but the fun has never stopped. So why not bring that gaming cheer to your community by setting up an expo? The following tips will show you the basics of planning the best gaming event your friends have ever seen. 


Pick Your Gaming Style or Platform

There are myriads of different types of gaming styles and platforms such as card games, console gaming, PC tournaments and more. You can either have a combination of all the different gaming types at your event or simply pick a theme.

Here is where you’ll need to do a bit of research. Find out what the demographic is for each gaming platform so you can have a higher attendance rate. Not everyone likes Magic the Gathering but you may find that a lot of people enjoy Xbox, PS and PC tournaments.


Selecting a Suitable Venue for the Event

For some avid gamers, they’ll simply host a small gaming event at their house where friends can stay over for the night. But if you want to host a large event then you may need to hire out a hall. Hiring a large hall will cost a lot of money so make sure you have an excellent entrance fee to cover the costs.

On the other hand, you can also organise virtual gaming events where guests can simply log in to an online game to play. This is an ideal choice if you’re on a budget because it will save on hire and utility costs.


Equipment Set-Up

To have a proper gaming event you’ll need the best equipment. If you’re hosting a large event you’ll probably need to supply the hardware. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy hardware. You can rent a laptop for your gaming expo and any other equipment you need to supply for the event.

Imagine having 1000 laptops or gaming consoles that you now have to find storage space for. Hiring equipment is an affordable choice for tech events. Furthermore, it’s less of a liability to buy equipment and you’ll save on storage.

Once you’re done with your hired equipment you can send it back to the company you leased everything from.


Final Thoughts

What would a gaming expo be without properly structuring teams and ranks? Ensure you have a points system so you can easily identify winners at the end of a tournament. Lastly, you should have proper prize giveaways for all winners.

Make sure you emphasize that prizes will be given at the event when marketing your expo so you can have an excellent turnout. Will you be giving money away or will you be rewarding winners with new gaming devices? Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re well organised for the day.



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