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Playtech's Best Multiplayer Games

Playing multiplayer casino games is so intriguing, and the experience remains in your mind for a long time. The psychological and physical impact of multiplayer games is stunning. Thus, it's no wonder that these games are gaining massive attention in the gaming sector.

Playtech, a respected software developer, has committed itself to create multiplayer games. The stimulating gaming environment and the cooperation between gamers make Playtech's multiplayer games the center of an eternal enigma. Below is a collection of excellent titles. 

Live Football Roulette

Playtech dazzles you with this fascinating remake of the original 2018 Football Weekend Roulette. The developer revamped it to make it more captivating and engaging, and it continues to enjoy incredible success. 

Indeed, it has managed to cover significant football events like the Champions League. So, what is it about this Roulette variant that makes it so popular? Well, the game boasts a one-of-a-kind gaming environment on top of very charming and friendly live dealers. 

You will love the new 'Let's Play Studio' that replaced the original green backdrop. Besides, the sports-themed setting gives the game a more realistic visual appeal. Further, this captivating Football Roulette welcomes concurrent players at the same time. 

You can choose to play alongside your friends or other random players. During gameplay, the Playtech casinos at allow you to compete against other players and interact with them or the live dealers via the chat option. 

Speed Roulette

The game is a high-speed variation of Roulette reserved for players who love high-intensity gaming sessions. The game allows up to eight players to place bets simultaneously. Usually, you get only 11 seconds to place your chips on that table and confirm your bet. 

After this, the dealer will close betting and spin the Roulette wheel. From this, you can see why this game is considered to be a swift Roulette variant. Speed here is mandatory. If you are slow, you are locked out, meaning you lose your bets. 

Of course, you wouldn't want this to happen. Mainly, seasoned players don't have problems keeping up with the pace. 

The great thing is that you have the option of saving your favourite wagers. Generally, you can reuse them to place new bets. Additionally, there is a chat option you use to communicate with your-players and live dealers.

Quantum Blackjack

Playtech never disappoints when it comes to creating super games, and this here is proof of their expertise. Quantum Blackjack is an easy to play live casino game. Usually, live dealers deal cards to a player's single hand. 

The game has a multiplayer aspect, allowing unlimited players to participate on a single player's hand. You are allowed to control your fate. Moreover, if any of the players stand during gameplay, the cards issued to the remaining gamers are not shown to the standing ones.

The game brings an immersive live casino experience with novel gameplay. For example, it comes with a multiplier feature which is rarely found in table games. Normally, after the betting sessions, the dealer draws three cards and gives them random multipliers. 

If you get any of these cards and you win against the croupier, the casino multiplies your winnings with that particular multiplier.

Buffalo Blitz 

The release of the game caught the attention of casino operators and gamers alike. The game features a unique structure that excites fans of slots and table games in equal measure. Buffalo Blitz turns the concept of slot gameplay into a live gaming experience. 

Yes, you guessed that right! It's is a live dealer slot. With this slot, you get to play it with other players. All of you should place the bets together. After this, the live dealer spins the reels. Once they stop spinning, they announce the winners. 

You are then given a chance to place new bets and so forth. Additionally, the live dealers provide commentary and help you know how to go about betting. 

Further, the slot is great looking and is suitable for experienced and new gamers. The slick graphics and beautiful animations will surely make this live slot a favourite.

Multiplayer Blackjack

Multiplayer Blackjack offers a superb way of enjoying this classic casino creation. You play the game with six decks and follow similar rules to those that apply in standard Blackjack. The main difference and the one we are sure will excite you is that you can enjoy the game with friends. 

Excitingly, this variation allows up to five people to sit at the tables. Hence, if you want to experience the thrill of playing Blackjack with others, this is an ideal option. Playtech developed this multiplayer game to add aspects of social gaming into your gameplay. 

The visuals and the graphics, to begin with, are nothing short of perfection. You are presented with a stunning table that will assuredly appeal to you. Additionally, the animations load and run flawlessly on a host of gadgets, including mobile devices powered by iOS and Android.

Age of the Gods: God of Storms

Prepare yourself to venture into a beautiful land of the Gods. The incredible graphics and befitting animations take the experience of playing this slot to a new level. But what is likely to excite you is that the game has a multiplayer function. 

Hence, if you want to play it with a friend but are worlds apart, the slot makes this possible. Being a video slot, you probably wonder how it's possible to play together with other players. Well, the slot is a live dealer game developed with social gaming in mind. 

Further, there's the live chat feature that allows you to interact with the croupiers and other players. Like most slots, the game has five reels, three rows and 25 paylines. Apart from the multiplayer, another exciting thing is the progressive jackpot. What this means is that if lucky, you could win big cash.

In summary

Multiplayer games are becoming popular in the sector. Playtech is already doing a great job in creating for you games that deliver a captivating experience. The developer creates various games' categories, enabling them to appeal to players with varying needs. Thus, whether you are a lover of table games or slots, Playtech as something that will excite you.


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