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Understanding Different Types of Online Slots

For the average person, all slots look the same. They use software to determine winners and losers. They have reels that spin to reveal symbols, betting features and jackpots. But contrary to popular belief, slots come in many forms.

The games released in the late ‘90s and early 2000s are now called classics. By comparison, the new breed of games in the market are called video slots. Continue reading to learn the differences in these casino games. Also, find out how to find the best slots for you. 

Classic Slots

As mentioned, classic slots are games designed in the formative years of the casino industry. The slots were designed for desktop computers. As such, some of them don’t work on mobile devices. Those that run on smartphones have been redesigned to operate on these devices.

Classic slots that have not been redesigned feature dated graphics, low payouts and limited bonus features. So, why play these games? If you’ve been playing casino games since the industry began, then you can play classic slots to quench nostalgia.

Otherwise, classic slots aren’t the best games out there. Their low payout rates mean you win less money than you should. On the flip side, their dated graphics and limited bonus features mean they are not as entertaining as today’s sophisticated slots.

Video Slots

Video slots are the most popular types of slots at online casinos. They replaced classic slots with beautiful graphics, high payouts, intriguing themes and catchy soundtracks. If you like to play slots, video games are the most recommended types.

Of course, the specific slots you play depends on your interests and game features. If you like sports, choose sports themed slots. If you fancy mythology, look for slots based on Egyptian, Greek or Norse mythologies.

On the other hand, look at game features like RTP, free spins, jackpots, paylines and mobile compatibility. RTP describes a game’s payout rate. You can find the best RTP slots on JohnSlots. Then compare their limits, bonus features, themes and jackpots to determine the best game for you.

To expound more, also read reviews to gauge what experts and fellow players think about different video slots. Some games have impressive features. But they are cold when it comes to payouts. Others have repetitive soundtracks and bonus features, which makes them exhausting after just a few rounds.

Megaways Slots

Invented in 2016 by Big Time Gaming, Megaways are video slots centered on an engine that modify how reels work. The result is that reels produce unique symbols with every symbol and magnify the ways you can win to hundreds of thousands. 

To provide some context, the average video slot has 10 to 256 paylines. By comparison, the typical Megaways slot has 117,649 ways to win. This is made possible in part by the games having 6-7 reels instead of the usual five reels.

  Being a type of video slots, Megaways have high RTP rates. Holy Diver, one of the best Megaways games has an RTP of 96.39%. Bonanza, pays out an average of 96% while White Rabbit has a slightly higher payout at 97.39%.

RTP aside, Megaways are similar to video slots in many ways. For example, they have storylines based on just about anything, from Vikings and Sci-Fi to TV shows and fairytales.

Progressive Jackpots/Slots

If you have ever dreamed of winnings millions of dollars overnight, consider playing progressive slots. Their main feature is a jackpot whose grand prize increases continuously until it’s won.

Mega Moolah, the most popular progressive jackpot, has four jackpots in one game. There’s a mini pot that starts at $10, a Minor jackpot that pays out from $100, a Major jackpot that starts at $10,000 and the Mega pot that pays from $1 million.

Progressive jackpots work by deducting some of the gambled money and adding it to the grand prize. Interestingly, players compete for the same jackpot even when playing at different casinos. This is why some of these games have such high pots—they bring together thousands of players from dozens of countries.

With that in mind, progressive slots have lower RTPs than regular video slots. Due to this, experts advise you to avoid the games unless you want to try their jackpots.

3D Slots

For the most part, slot machines are 2D games. But over the years, some software providers have been attempting to create games whose symbols look realistic on video screens. The result was 3D slots, some of the most beautiful casino games out there.

3D slots work like regular video slots except for their unique features: 3D symbols that appear to pop out of their video screens. For this reason, the games are pretty interactive and entertaining to play. 

With that in mind, 3D slots are limited in number. Software developer Betsoft is the biggest proponent of these games. But Playtech, Microgaming and Play’n GO also feature a handful of 3d games.

VR Slots

During the early years of Virtual Reality, every industry wanted to be associated with the innovation. The latest TVs, computers, video games and social media giants all had projects centered on VR.

Unsurprisingly, the online casino industry also innovated games that supported VR. Some of these games still exist. But for some reason, the demand for VR slots seems to have died out. Indeed, only five popular slots support VR in an industry with 4000+ games.

The games are Jack and the Beanstalk, Gonzo’s Quest, Thunderstruck II, Starburst, Book of Dead, and Miss Midas. One of the reasons VR slots are in short demand is that they ask for high-tech devices and not enough people are willing to buy them.

Mobile Slots

As the demand for more devices increases, more and more casinos are focusing their services to suit smartphone users. That means their games work on android and iOS devices with the same efficiency they have on Mac and Windows computers.

Not all slots work on mobile devices, though. Some games don’t run on smartphones. If you like to play games on your iPhone, ensure you join a casino with a decent variety of mobile slots.  

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