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by bapenguin

GTA V to Launch on Next-Gen Consoles - Which Co-Op Missions Will Be Available?

The wait is almost over.

Rockstar Games has confirmed that GTA V will finally get its release on PS5 and Xbox Series X in November. The developer has tantalizingly teased that its flagship title will be ‘enhanced and expanded’ for the new generation of consoles.

The move comes more than seven years after the game was released to much fanfare on PS4 and Xbox One seven years ago, with over 135 million copies sold in the interim period. It remains one of the best-selling games in history, and one of the most generously reviewed too.

Next-gen console gamers are in for a treat and many are sure to get stuck straight into the single-player story mode – chronicling the ups and downs of Franklyn, Michael and the outstanding Trevor as they look to get their lives back on track.

However, it’s the lure of GTA Online that will be the most attractive proposition for many gamers. The good news is that we expect many of the co-op multiplayer missions to make the transition to PS5 and Xbox Series X as well.

You can play GTA V on your new console now, of course, thanks to backward compatibility, but the developers have suggested that new features and enhancements – aided by the supreme graphical resolution of the next-gen consoles – may just make a separate purchase a necessity. 

Here’s an interesting twist too – PS4 owners will be handed $1 million in GTA currency every month from now until November, and will also be able to claim the upgrade for free until February 2022.

For Xbox gamers, the news isn’t quite so sweet. It appears increasingly likely that you will have to pay for GTA V Online when it launches, although no further details are available at this time.

With it seeming increasingly likely that GTA 6 won’t be dropping until 2022 at the very earliest, the boosted GTA V will at least offer some new content to hungry gamers looking for the next episode in the franchise.

With specific reference to GTA Online, which of the co-op missions do we envisage making it to the PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Diamond Casino Heist

The casino heist mission is arguably the magnum opus of GTA Online, and the co-op elements make it all the more enjoyable.

As the name suggests, you are tasked with detailing a heist of the Diamond Casino & Resort, and as ever you have a choice – go in stealthily and tactically, or go in with all guns blazing.

The mission supports teams of two to four players, and as co-op missions go, the Diamond Casino heist is right up there with the very best of them in GTA Online.

The Diamond Casino emerged as part of an online update, and you can play a variety of games in the environment, including blackjack, roulette, poker and more. Of course, if you prefer the real thing then you can play online casino games at a dedicated site, where an even greater range of titles awaits you.

Prison Break

This is your classic prison break-out heist, although this mission has been given the classic Rockstar Games twist to keep you guessing right until the end.

Set up by Lester, the Prison Break mission has a number of set-up jobs to complete, including the sourcing of the target’s escape car, stealing a plane and a bus for use in the break-out and the usual assassinations of lawyers, guards and the like. 

It all comes together during the heist itself, and while we won’t give any spoilers away, needless to say, all of the components of the mission come together in a thrilling finale.

Available for up to four players, Prison Break is definitely one of the most satisfying co-op missions to complete in GTA Online.

Pacific Standard

This is, at the time of writing, the most lucrative co-op heist available on GTA Online – you can take as much as $1,250,000 from it if you opt for the hardest option.

This four-player heist is one where money can be lost for taking damage and losing team members, so careful planning is advised.

The premise is to rob the main headquarters of the Pacific Standard bank, with five set-up missions to set the scene before the action unfolds on the big day.

Once you have the necessary arsenal of weaponry in place and your getaway vehicles, you’ll be ready for the job itself. Burst into the bank, make your presence felt while controlling the crowd, open the vault, steal as much cash as you can and get out of there without getting caught.

It sounds simple on paper, although the reality is far different. The rewards, however, speak for themselves.


In Coveted, you get to travel ‘in style’ aboard CargoBob, the military-style air bus, attempting to intercept a shipment that a rival gang is trying to move.

Stepping into the shoes of Martin Madrazo, you’ll have to take out a unit of Professionals, who are armed with assault rifles, SMGs and the like.

You have two minutes to take them out, and once the shipment has been taken you will have to drop it in the railyards in Cypress Flats – all while an enemy chopper and ground troops try to shoot you down.

It’s a quintessential high-octane GTA Online mission and one that offers plenty of financial reward.

Crystal Clear Out II

This is one of GTA Online’s free mode missions, so triggering it requires some specific instructions. Head to the blue corona on the dirt path near the Sandy Shores airfield between 15:00 and 23:00 in-game time.

The object is simple – take out the rednecks operating the two crystal meth plants in the Senora Desert.

While there isn’t much subtlety and nuance to this co-op mission, there is a pleasingly high body count. Together with your teammates, you can come up with some fun ways to dispose of the 20+ enemies in your way.

Whichever of these missions you favor, further details of GTA V’s re-issue and its online missions are sure to follow in the run-up to its November release.

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