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by bapenguin

The Witcher 3 and its close relation to...gambling


Think of the famous Witcher. For some it might mean the comic book series, for others it is a famous fantasy series produced by Netflix which masses around the world have fallen in love with. No matter which fan club you belong to, we are pretty sure neither of them has any connotations with… gambling. It is about time we look into the popular game called The Witcher 3 and discover what it has to offer what other pop culture verticals do not.


The Witcher 3 and Gwent

We can say that we have seen it all. The Witcher on TV screens, in books, comic series, but also clothing and any sorts of gadgets one can think of. It obviously has made its way to the world of computer and console games, having recorded absolutely massive successes. How does The Witcher 3 differ from other games and what else does it have to offer to all the fans of this fantasy character?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt offers a new, particular angle. Players get to experience an actual casino thrill without being at a casino. Yes, no matter how unreal this sounds, you get to play cards and compete against others. A mini game called Gwent is offered as part of the actual, main focus game. When we call Gwent a “mini game”, we certainly do not mean some trivial, petty fun to entertain one when playing The Witcher 3 for hours. This card game stimulates one’s brain to extreme levels and makes a player use advanced strategies to win a round. Ironically, some critics believe that the card game itself can even beat the phenomenon of the actual game from CD ProjektRED!


How to play Gwent?


Let’s start from the beginning. As you play the most important role in the game, you can interact with every merchant or shop in a given city, where you get a chance to win prizes and additional cards. As you might rightly assume, the more players you manage to beat, the more cards you will get and the more chances you will have to play against your opponent.

The game is played over a maximum of 3 rounds in a "1v1" format. Your main goal is to win at least two of them by scoring more points than your opponent. At the beginning of the round, players draw a hand with 10 cards + 1 leader card. You can only take one action in each of the given rounds - put a card on the battlefield, use your leader card, or simply pass. If you let go and give up further action, your opponent gains an extra chance to progress.

Of course, this outline of the game is only a drop in the ocean of possibilities, and in the course of the game you will find out that it takes maximum attention and focus to score a point. Turn on your logical thinking skills, as the game will only get more and more difficult!


Gambling excitement


Although you will not be able to win physical cash or hit the jackpot, the excitement of playing against others and scoring points reminds one of gambling thrill. There is some magic to playing cards and Gwent certainly shows that.

It is interesting that the team behind the game, which in majority has Polish roots, decided to include this mini game as part of The Witcher 3. It probably also tells a lot about the local scene. One can discover the best casinos online in Poland in a blink of an eye and the need for those increases gradually as we speak. With such extraordinary products as The Witcher 3 and its mini game Gwent are, we can only hope that there will be more exciting opportunities to discuss game and gambling-wise in the near future. Stay tuned and watch this space!

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