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by bapenguin

What are the Most Unusual Gadgets for Gamers?

Gamers attest to owning a "Console" and a "Controller." Every other item in your game-space set-up is an accessory or a gadget, including the out-of-this-world ergonomic chair, the high-resolution screen or monitors or the latest headset gear from your favourite manufacturer. 

These are virtual devices that a gamer requires for everyday gaming activities. You can play no download no registration free slots and earn real money with minimal effort. However, there are some most unusual but fun gadgets one will often find in a gamers set-up. You will see these gadgets in the shops, and their adverts are often the most interesting! Some of these gadgets include:

  • Resident Evil Chainsaw Controller By Nuby

  • Steel series touchscreen gaming controller

  • Train Cab Controller by RailDriver

  • Street Fighter V Arcade Fight Stick by Mad Catz

  • Virtuix Omni Arena Virtual Reality Gaming Gadget 

Resident Evil Chainsaw Controller By Nuby 

The controller resurrected the interests and fun people derived from playing Resident Evil online. The classic title refers to one of the most popular and revered horror films in the history of thrillers, spotting the undead with cannibalistic tendencies. Once the controller hit the market back in 2005, it garnered quality reviews, with users highlighting it as the "Best" for the game. 

What pulled people to it was not the incredible functionality but the overall control "Design" spotting the blood patterns presented in the original chainsaw! The manufacturers played a winning hand by mimicking the actual resident evil infamous character tool (Chainsaw). However, many attest to having a fresh feel of the game using the controller, thus, its popularity. 

These aren't the only appealing characteristics, and you will also find the controller has a memory card, several control buttons and utilizes the rumble technology. What is unique is that the blood patterns mimicking the original ones have different splatters on the devices. Check carefully when purchasing yours!

Steel Series Touchscreen Gaming Controls 

It might seem silly to request the steel series touchscreen gaming controls for your smartphone or iPad. The main reason is that these are button-like devices that help you control movement or the game by placing them on your device's screen. Some may argue that you do not need the controls, while some suggest the rules are perfect for their hands or fingers. 

The steel series touchscreen gaming controls are a perfect fit and provide solid material to hold onto while playing. You do not need to keep moving your hand on a big monitor or screen, just move the steel controllers, and you are good to go! Your fingers will no longer feel the impact of sliding them on and off the screen when playing. 

The controllers are easy to use and can fit a variety of devices. However, the joystick is a little large for use on smartphones with tiny screens as it is unstable. The suction cups beneath the controllers cannot hold onto the screen due to the size. However, the controls do not leave a sticky mess or a stain on your screen!

Train Cab Controller by RailDriver

Train simulators are some of the almost forgotten game genres after the rise of casinos offering top online casino bonuses. People would rather play for real money than feel the joy of controlling a train using a gaming controller. However, if you are still a train simulator fan and would like to experience the real thing, getting the Train Cab Controller by RailDriver might be your best move.

The device is unusual because the controller has all the specific controls present in an actual train. What other controller has ever been so detailed, and yet the design remains appealing! You will find all major train controls, brake levels, reverse button and a horn. You can press the whistle for specific passenger stops or check the speed at which you are driving on the speedometer with a three-digit face.

Plus, you can feel all the sounds a train makes while on route. The subwoofer built into the controller replicates the sounds making the simulator much more realistic. Play with the over 30 buttons on the device, reprogram the buttons to match any game titles and proceed to take off to your next destination. Additionally, you can decide from a variety of "Simulator Games" accessible to you and supported by the device.

Street Fighter V Arcade Fight Stick by Mad Catz

If looking into "Old School Designs,” the Street Fighter V is a must-have but a very unusual gadget for gamers worldwide. Instead of the traditional screens with advanced technological functions such as wireless connectivity, you get a simple, functional and fun device. The most unusual fact is that the joystick controllers are still in the market even after the demise of arcade-related games in the 1980s. 

The joystick depicts the old days and functions with the popular PlayStation 3 and 4 games. Even though the overall design is for use with the popular Street Fighter V video game, the device is multifunctional. If you do not desire to play a street fighter, you can attach it to any other game involving fighting as gameplay. It will function well and provide a better experience than using normal touchscreen controls for the game. 

The joystick can move in either direction, both left and right, similar to an analog stick. Therefore, players not interested in fighting titles like mortal combat can still use the controller to play non-fighting game genres. Plus, it has no wireless connectivity "No Bluetooth, no WIFI! However, you need a USB port to wire the controller into before attempting to use it.

Virtuix Omni Arena Virtual Reality Gaming Gadget 

The Omni Arena is a one-in-a-lifetime device for individuals who love virtual-live action games. The device provides a chance for individuals to enjoy gameplay involving a lot of running without the worry of bumping into items in the house or the gaming arena. You can move "Freely,” as the advertising description indicates. You can travel to the unknown world, make rescues in your virtual world, and not bump into fellow players. It's simply divine for virtual reality gamers! Players or gamers can run in any direction without getting hurt or losing traction using the device.

The only catch is that the company producing the Omni Arena Virtual Reality Gaming Gadget no longer has the device in supply for gamers. The gadget is only available for commercial use only.


The most unusual gadgets for gamers can be the most fun to use when playing. These gadgets include the Omni Arena Virtual Reality gadget that allows movement in any direction without hindrances, resident chainsaw controller that brings history and reality back to the horror of the movie Resident Evil, which many derive entertainment from and the Steel Series. With such unusual yet exceptional characteristics, gamers have nothing to complain about.

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