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by bapenguin

The best mini games in the history of games

Best Mini Games

Video games are amazing, particularly ones which offer an expansive, immersive experience, like the ones that offer fifty hours of gameplay and steal your free time before you even realize what has hit you!


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It is difficult to drag yourself away when a great game has gripped you, but occasionally, you need a little bit of a break. A genuinely excellent game allows you to take that little break without requiring you to ever turn off the game. This is where the concept of the mini game comes in, the best way to enjoy your game without putting in too much mental effort.


Best Mini Games


A lot of video games have mini games built into them, but not all of them bear mentioning. The mini games in this article stand head and shoulders above the rest. They are imaginative, engaging and in some cases, are every bit as entertaining as the video game itself.


Caravan - Fallout


This one is somewhat of a schismatic game, but an engrossing one on an intellectual level. What would happen to playing cards if there were ever a nuclear war, particularly when it has become uncommon to have an entire deck?


Those glossy, 52-card decks which seem to be found in a drawer somewhere in almost every household in the United States, have a new use as valuable collectibles in the Fallout universe. The rules and objectives of the game are a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of making caravans, it can be a worthwhile diversion from the nuclear world of Fallout.


Coffee Break – Mario Paint


I only have a few memories of Mario Paint, despite the fact that it was one of the video games that I played most often on my SNES as a child. I recall creating music with duck sound effects, but one of my favorite mini games was Coffee Break, where the objective was simply to swat flies.


Using the SNES mouse periphery, you simply point and click on the flies for each level, fight a rather large, mechanical fly boss, and then repeat these steps for as long as you can handle it. As you progress, the flies get faster, and it takes more and more swats to defeat the bosses. Strangely enough, it is probably the most fun you'll have while playing Mario Paint.


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Chicken Kickin’ – Fables: Lost Chapters


The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization probably won't appreciate this game.

In the game Fables: Lost Chapters, which is basically the director's cut of the original game, a mini game was included which requires players to actually punt chickens as far as possible, with the highest possible degree of accuracy. Fable II also included another version of the game, continuing a reign of terror against innocent and unsuspecting poultry. This game is probably the most flagrant and heinous attack on chickens in a video game since The Legend of Zelda,  A Link to the Past.


Tekken Ball – Tekken 3


A video game which revolves around fighting and smashing, needs a bit of a diversion, right? This is Tekken Ball, possibly one of the most bizarre interpretations of volleyball you'll ever play. Every team must pair up, and players have to use their character’s unique abilities to claim victory in a game of two against two volleyball. 


If a giant panda volleying a ball into a T-Rex's face isn’t comical enough, picture if that ball were made of steel. You heard that right, you can change which materials the ball is made of, as well as its size, letting you customize the difficulty level of the game. It didn't make for a very long diversion, but it was certainly entertaining in small bursts.


Gwent – The Witcher 3

In the small amount of time that The Witcher 3 has been available to purchase, Gwent has definitely taken the World Wide Web by storm. This is partially due to the fact that it is considered a collectible, but the fact that the gameplay is highly entertaining also makes it stand out among other traditional collectibles.

A lot of video games say this, but Gwent genuinely is more concentrated on players challenging their competitors in a game of skill, and is less concerned with players simply building a more superior deck than theirs. Having good cards still puts you ahead of the game, but even if you don't spend the most crowns per match, this won't necessarily prevent you from stealing the title of best player in Temeria.

Geometry Wars – Project Gotham Racing 2

Geometry Wars was the first big hit on Xbox Live. People enjoyed the game's psychedelic interpretation of the Asteroids-style arcade shooter, and its structure is strongly influenced by a variety of games which have been released since. Interestingly enough, this video game began as a mini game in Xbox's Project Gotham Racing 2. Many players will tell you that they sunk more time into playing Geometry Wars than they did racing cars in Project Gotham Racing.

Snake vs. Monkey – Metal Gear Solid 3

There is certainly no better demonstration of how whacky Metal Gear Solid 3’s sense of humor can be, than the chimpanzee escape-themed mini game, Snake vs Monkey. I can't quite decide which is funnier; that you are given the ability to earn a banana camoflage suit in the game by working your way through each level, or the fact that switching every one of the guard characters to a monkey does not alter the experience of the game whatsoever. 

You will still need to crawl and slither your way into a strategic position to be able to drop down on your enemies. It just so happens that these enemies are monkeys who have escaped from a lab!

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