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by bapenguin

Are Video Games Turning Into Online Casinos?

The gaming industry is constantly changing, and it is hard to anticipate what will be in the future with this high-pace expansion. If we take a look at only 5 years in history we can see that video games came a long way and who knows what the future will bring to us.

Nowadays, games are incredibly realistic thanks to impressive 3D graphic engines which enable players to fully experience the story and gameplay.

Technology plays a vital role in game development and we are on the verge of some massive changes in the game industry. 

For starters, we have a larger adaptation of gambling in triple-A games, which can be a huge shift in the gaming world. Take The Witcher, as an example. Now imagine that instead of playing to complete the game and impress your friends, you are getting a high score and completing quests to earn some money.

This is exactly how video game gambling can be incorporated into some of our favorite games. We can see a higher adaptation of online gambling in games, as game developers are starting to research new fields that still need to be explored.

Since online slots are getting more and more popular, game developers are starting to research the idea of incorporating some form of gambling in traditional games. Popular games, especially in the free-to-play niche have some sort of gambling where players can purchase in-game currencies (coins) with real money and use them to open limited packs where they can get rare skins and cosmetics.

However, the gambling industry can offer a lot more than that.

Why This Could be Huge

With some impressive moves towards gamification, we can see a lot more presence of gambling in traditional games. Gamification is the process of turning the otherwise function into a game, which is the process that runs online casinos today.

This is why leaderboards of loyalty points and slot tournaments are a common thing in the online gambling world.

However, the online gambling world is exciting just because it lets players earn money, but it lacks in the user experience profile. This is where big game developers are needed. New games right now have incredibly realistic graphics and some even offer the virtual experience to fully immerse yourself in the game.

Can you imagine playing a lifelike game with incredible graphics and having the ability to gamble with some form of currency that will give you rewards or real money? The excitement will go through the roof. You can already have a similar experience when you play casino games online at TwinSpires Casino, but the future will reserve an even deeper gaming atmosphere.

This is why the video game element is needed to take the online casino industry to the next step. Rather than minimizing player interaction and engagement, games with similar economics as online slots will put players right at the heart of the action.

The end result is an audience much more engaged than in today’s online casino games, which will have a positive impact on the entire online gambling industry. 

Skill-Based Gaming

Can you imagine gambling in a casino but instead of putting your money and hoping to get lucky, you put your money based on your skills. Atlantic City has already started the journey of skill gaming machines across its properties.

For example, you can compete in a shooter game or other types of skill-based games and earn money. This improves the whole idea of gambling since you are getting some form of entertainment in return. On top of that, you are in control of your funds and the outcome of the game which is rare to say in the casino world. 

That way, you’ll not only improve your chances of winning some money but also have more fun playing the game. The only drawback is that you don’t have anyone to blame if you lose your money since the game is based on your skill.

We can expect some major changes in the gaming world with new technologies like NFT’s and incorporating some form of gambling. This isn’t some distant dream either. The changes in the gaming industry are already happening, and it is a matter of time when we see new ways to experience games.

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