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by bapenguin

Why Online Games Will Drive Mass Adoption of Crypto

As the gaming industry keeps evolving, we get to see new trends each year. Thanks to the massive growth of technology, each game now has unique features that players find entertaining and exciting. Hence, we are able to experience breath-taking graphics, huge attention to detail and gameplay as we’ve never seen before.

Speaking of growth, one of the latest trends in the gaming industry involves the use of cryptocurrencies. The number of players that use these digital assets in the gaming industry increases with each passing day and that is the topic that we wanted to discuss in this article.

We’ll be taking a look at the reason(s) why games, specifically online games will drive mass adoption of crypto. Let’s start breaking down the details.

Game Fairness

One of the most popular online games are online casino games. You can access them after registering at a casino site that accepts cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the fact that the best casinos are supplied by some of the world’s more reputable game providers, you can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the best games on the market.

All of the top crypto casinos use a mechanic called probability fair gaming. Even though there are several versions of this method, we’ll take a closer look at the one that is most commonly used. Each roll-result in this method is calculated by serverspeed, clientspeed and nonce.

Serverspeed is provided by the gambling site, client speed is provided by the browser, while nonce is a number that keeps increasing as you place bets. Before you start gambling, you will receive a hash of serverspeed which cannot be changed by the site because you receive it in advance.

A random client speed will be generated by your browser, which can be changed so that the site won’t know it and each time you make a bet, the nonce will go up by 1. At the end of the bet, if the seed number matches the number from the player, then you receive a reward.

The Chance to Make Money

The second reason why online games will drive mass adoption of crypto is that crypto provides them with the chance to make money. Naturally, online casino games are played for a reward, but they come with a risk of losing money.

That is not the case with other crypto-based games. To explain this, we are transferring to NFT, which stands for Non-Fungible-Tokens. By playing popular NFT games like Axie Infinity Gods Unchained and Sorare, you will be provided with the chance of obtaining unique tokens that you can sell later on for money.

Considering the fact that some of the cards featured in the games are extremely valuable, there is a chance that you can make a very decent profit out of that. So, fun and money-making at the same time.

Players Are Already Asking for Crypto Adoption

Lastly, statistics show that players are already asking for massive crypto adoption. On a pole in which players were asked why blockchain is valuable to the gaming industry, 61% of the people responded that crypto provides innovative and entertaining gameplay. Rewards also played a major role as 54% stated that the reason why blockchain is valuable is that it can provide players with real-money rewards.

Moreover, 72% of the respondents stated that they will consider using these technologies within the next 12 months.

At the same time, 64% of them believe that in the next 2 years, crypto will be among the leaders in the gaming industry and 53% of them agreed that NFTs will be more common.