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Best Online Slot Games Which to Enjoy with Friends

When we think about slot games, concepts such as multiplayer, team-play, or party-based gaming are usually not what comes to mind. However, as it is with every other genre of gaming, online slot websites are also evolving to keep up with the times. Consequently, there are quite a few multiplayer slots that we can play with friends these days. We have prepared a select list of them for you to try out with your friends. Before we get started on the games though, a brief introduction should help us get better acquainted with this new genre of slot games.

How Does a Multiplayer Slot Game Work?

There aren’t too many differences between regular and multiplayer slot games really, but instead of just one person playing and winning, there are several players playing the same slot simultaneously. The primary advantage with this is that the costs are shared, the chances of winning as a team are obviously higher, and most importantly, the slots can be enjoyed together with friends.

The only issue with multiplayer slot parties is that the shared winnings are a lot lower per person. Even if you win a million-dollar jackpot, your prize will need to be shared with the whole team after taxes. To strike a balance between solo play and teamplay, keep the number of team members down to only two or three. Next, let’s dive straight into the titles themselves.

Playboy Multiplayer Slot

Initially, the online pokie was not launched as a multiplayer slot game, but they turned it into one later. The slot wasn’t anything too extraordinary before they took that initiative, besides the obvious sensual allure of the Playboy Mansion, of course. The core mechanics of the game still remain almost the same as always, but there were a few key changes we have bullet-pointed for your convenience below.

  • Several other players will be sharing the virtual room with you, as you all try your luck at the slot.

  • Every player will be able to see the reels of all other players in real-time.

  • Every player will see a special multiplayer multiplier bar on the right of all the reels, which can go much higher than in the regular game.

Other than these additional aspects, the game will follow the usual mechanics, which have also been detailed below.

  • 5x3 video slot with multiplayer options

  • 243 paylines

  • 96.6% RTP rate

  • Medium-high volatility

  • Minimum – maximum stake (total bet) per line: 1 – 5 coins

  • Minimum – maximum amount per bet: 0.01 – 0.25 coins

  • Biggest possible multiplier (jackpot): 6,000x the total stake (single-player)

  • Biggest possible multiplier (jackpot): 12150x the total stake (multiplayer)

  • Specials: Wilds, scatters, free spins, bonus rounds, multiple jackpots, multiplayer options.

Unfortunately, multiplayer slot games like Playboy are a rarity, but you can find the best ones that are available on these online slot websites.

Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth Slot

Microgaming’s Wheel of Wealth Slot caters to the growing market of multiplayer slot gaming from the very first day, meaning that it is not an add-on feature, but was originally designed to function as a multiplayer slot game. Before we delve into the slot’s multiplayer mode, here’s everything you need to know about Wheel of Wealth’s core slot mechanics.

  • 5x3 video slot with built-in multiplayer support

  • 25 paylines

  • 96.32% RTP rate

  • Medium volatility

  • Minimum – maximum stake (total bet) per line: 1 – 10 coins

  • Minimum – maximum amount per bet: 0.01 – 0.50 coin

  • Maximum stake per spin of 250 coins

  • Biggest possible multiplier (jackpot): 2,000x the total stake

  • Biggest possible win: Half-a-million coins or $/£/€500,000

  • Specials: Wilds, Bonus rounds, multiple jackpots, multiplayer options

Keep in mind that most of it is quite similar to what we see in Microgaming’s Spectacular Wheel of Fortune Slot. Let’s get to the party play or online multiplayer options of the game next.

  • A total of 6 players are placed in a virtual community room.

  • Everyone’s reels are transparently visible to each other, with their own being the largest and placed in the centre.

  • Live chat feature allows for easy communication with the other players.

Keep in mind that there is always the live casino feature to try out at your favourite online casino, just in case you are looking to compete in more traditional gambling games against each other. Live poker, blackjack, roulette, etc. are all options available at a good casino website. Only make sure that you have a reliably fast internet connection and a big-screen TV to enjoy it all on.

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