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Extension of Exciting Live Casino Offerings with Pragmatic Play's Sweet Game

Fans of slot games, rejoice! There is a new game in town and it’s already turning heads in the industry. Combining a money wheel, live-action hosts, and everything you already loved about the hit slot Sweet Bonanza to create a live gambling experience, Candyland is better than ever. 

Pragmatic Play has hit the sweet spot with its new slot game, Sweet Bonanza Candyland. The reviews are out and the response is good! Let’s take a look at what this player-friendly candy slot game has to offer. 

Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is an all-new kind of online slot that utilizes virtual reality to give players a live casino experience from the comfort of their home computer or mobile device. The game is hosted by a real person on a live set, using computer animations to bring the whole thing together. 

The original slot game was known for its colorful candy landscape and the new version carries that through with rich purple, pink, and gold colors — a flamboyant panorama of fantastical imagery. The visual effects are stunning, evoking a magical world by combining physical elements like performance capture with digitally-rendered computer graphics.

The Mega Wheel

At the center of the studio is an enormous wheel, the Sweet Bonanza Wheel, that is divided into 54 colored segments. Each segment has either a number (1, 2, 5, or 10), Sugar Bomb symbols, Candy Drop symbols, and Sweet Spins symbols. 

The object of the game is to guess which segment the spinning wheel will stop on. Once a player chooses the segment, they can then place a wager on any of the number segments, the Candy Drop symbols, or the Sweet Spins symbols. If the wheel lands on the right space, the payouts are equal to the numbers shown: 1 is 1:1 payout, 2 is 2:1, and so on.

Sweet Spins

If a player bets on the “Sweet Spins” segment and the Mega Wheel lands on one of these two possible spaces, a bonus game begins! When activated, the screen changes to a 6x5 game grid with a certain number of spins. 

A tumbler mechanic determines a win, which occurs when 8 or more matching symbols appear anywhere on the grid. With Sugar Bombs and Lollypop Scatters, players can win big and win more spins on the wheel.

Candy Drop

If the Mega Wheel stops on the “Candy Drop” space, all players who placed a wager on this space automatically qualify for a “pachinko-style” bonus round. Before it begins, players pick one of three candies that begin with a 1x multiplier. 

The candies chosen are then dropped down the Candy Drop board (think of the Plinko wall from The Price is Right), picking up multipliers along the way that are used to calculate the bonus reward at the end of the game. 

Sugar Bomb

The last two segments on the wheel are “Sugar Bomb” spaces that players are not able to wager on. If the wheel lands on one of these two spaces, a x2-x10 multiplier is randomly selected and the host spins the wheel again with the multiplier attached to the original bet. 

Bonus Features

For players who like to keep track of past rounds, this game has a “Stats” counter that allows players to look back at the previous 500 games to use assist them in future bets. Sweet Bonanza Candyland’s optimal theoretical return value is 96.48% (min of 91.15% to a max of 96.48%) depending on betting strategy.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is one of the leading iGaming content providers in the industry and releases around five new slot games each month, including virtual sports, live casino, and bingo games through its dedicated API.  

Pragmatic Play develops around five new slots per month to various online casinos, including Pokie Pop; its game selection is every punter's dream come true!

“Sweet Bonanza is one of our most recognizable slot games and we’re thrilled to announce we’ve taken that to our Live Casino studios with the launch of Sweet Bonanza Candyland. We truly believe that this title will offer true cross-sell potential to operators with a convergence of Live Casino and Slots that is unlike anything else out there,” said the Chief Business Development Officer at Pragmatic Play, Yossi Barzely.

“It is a truly unique addition that showcases the ambition of Pragmatic Play, as we continue on our journey of being the leading multi-product provider to the industry.”

The iGaming giant is extremely proud of its new offering and Sweet Bonanza Candyland is already proving to be more popular than its predecessor. As gaming technology continues to improve, it’s exciting to see the new features that developers can incorporate into simple online slot games to make them a completely immersive casino experience. 

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