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by bapenguin

Who Are Art Directors And Why Do You Need Them?

We are all part of this digital world, with some of us on the buyer's end and some on the seller's end. If you are a seller, you have most likely heard of art directors. The art director is in control of a production's visual artistic components. This could be a film, a play, an animation, or any other creative work that incorporates artistic visual effects.

Consider an art director to be similar to a film's visual director: rather than guiding performers, they direct artistic aspects and graphic elements in a studio of concept art.

It's a wide job title with a great sounding name. But why would you need them in the first place? What makes art directors so important in any digital production, whether it's a film, game, or animation? Let's have a look.


What Does An Art Director Do?

In general, this profession entails leading a group of designers on a specific project, although the level of responsibilities and accountability varies.

Art direction uses visual medium to communicate ideas, but it is more than that.

Graphic tools, cinematography, art, design, and typography paired with text were once associated with the art director. With the proliferation of new media, the job has changed dramatically.

Today's modern art director might work in a variety of fields, including marketing, technology, cinematography, editorials, fashion, multimedia, and performing arts. The art director's job description may be characterized as directing a group of individuals through information that is given to them.


Hiring An Art Director

Art directors are often entrusted with coming up with thoughts and ideas for a variety of digital and conventional marketing campaigns. An art director's role includes assisting marketing teams by bringing concepts to life via conceptualization and implementation.

When selecting an art director, seek for someone who is knowledgeable about Mac products, Microsoft Office, and the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Bridge.

You will need to recruit art directors who can craft brand stories that appeal with customers across a range of sectors and mediums. They must not only be creative, but also have a good knowledge of psychology and how to communicate with your target population.


What Makes A Good Art Director?

So, what qualities do you look for in a great art director? Because you will be interacting with people frequently, one thing is certain: it's not only about creative ability; you will also need the correct temperament and demeanour for the job.

One of the most important important skill needed for the job is the capacity to create the greatest possible creative atmosphere. One of the most difficult skill to master for art directors is the leadership abilities to give a creative space successfully and consistently – and this is not always simple to find in a portfolio.

It requires emotional intelligence, compassion, and the capacity to grasp overall corporate objectives, in addition to the greatest creative flare and expertise.

A great art director visualizes concepts prior to the creation of any graphic illustration.