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by bapenguin

Build Your Own Mobile Game: The Comprehensive Guide for Non-Programmers


The mobile gaming industry has exploded in the past decade, and now over $30B is spent on games alone. With so much money at stake, you can see why there's a huge opportunity for those with a great idea that want to make their own mobile games but don't know where to start. This guide will help you build your own mobile game, from planning the idea all the way through publishing it on app stores.


How to come up with a mobile game idea

Coming up with a mobile game idea is one of the toughest things for a beginner. It's really hard to get that "aha" moment when you realize that your game idea has the potential to become a global hit. Even experienced developers have a difficult time coming up with mobile game ideas that will make them millions of dollars. However, they know the tricks that you don't. They know how to find the best game ideas, and some of the most popular game apps are just the result of a happy accident. Or something that they love and have a passion for. If not, then copying what's tending on the market already.


Learn the basics of coding and how to use them to build your own game

If you're not a developer, then you'll have to learn how to code. There are a few ways to do this, but the best way is to look up a series of YouTube videos that teach you how to code in the language of your choice; it's a great way to learn the basics of coding and how you can use them to build a game. There are so many types of games to choose from to create. You should select a niche that excites you more to excel in. A mobile game can be any type of game that can be played on a mobile device.  Typical mobile games include Strategy Games, Action Games, Arcade Games, RPG Games, Puzzle Games, etc.


Learn about designing games and making money from app stores

If you want to learn about making games for mobile, you'll have to learn about designing them first. Knowing how to design a fun game is a huge part of the process, and it's important to learn the basics to have a good foundation in the field. A lot of great games were created by non-designers, but to make a really great game, you need to understand how design works. It's a lot of fun to get into it, though, and you'll find yourself learning a lot about the game industry. It's just a matter of how much you want to know.

If you want to make money with your game, you need to be aware that the app market is a very competitive place. So, how do you make your game stand out from the crowd? As a non-programmer, you need to learn about the app market and how to make your game attractive to potential customers. And the most important thing to remember is: make the game first, then sell it. You can't make money with a game that doesn't have users.


Hire the right team to build it for you 

No matter what field you are in, you will always be able to use your skills to make a game. With the right tools and proper training, it is possible to build a game on your own. But then you will have to face issues like, how to make a game that will be interesting for a wide audience, how to implement some of your own ideas and concepts, and how to present your work in the best possible way. So, if you decide to go the DIY way or hire someone to do it for you, you need to know what is important to look for in each team member.

There are many people who are able to do this, and you might find it easier to hire the right people to do it for you. The key is knowing what you want. Game development can be done by individuals working from home or in small groups who are willing to take on the task of making your game. They might be a good fit for your project if you are looking for a game that is themed on your product or company, but in general, you should hire a reputable game develop company to create your game your very first fame for the perfect experience.


Distribute your app once it's ready and get your app on the top charts

It's a great feeling to finish a mobile game. You've put everything you had into it and made it the best game possible. You're ready to launch and take over the App Store! You've heard from your friends and family that the game is great, and you're certain that you have an app that will be a top chart-topper. But how to get there? It's no secret that getting your app on the top charts can be exceptionally difficult. But with some strategizing, you'll be able to maximize your chances of being ranked highly.

Once you've created your app, you need to distribute it to make it available to users. This includes many different steps, such as submitting your app to app stores and making sure it's available for users to find it.