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by bapenguin

Live Casino Games: A New Type of Multiplayer

For those of us who enjoy gaming with others, it can often be difficult to find co-op games that extend beyond deathmatch shoot-em-up free-for-alls. In addition, the sudden death of local co-ops means that the range of options out there for multiplayer gamers is now more limited than ever.

However, there is one emerging genre of online gaming that offers ample opportunities for competitive and cooperative multiplayer gaming. Online live casino games bring gamblers around the world together for immersive and real gaming experiences. Here's how. 

Live casino games explained

So, what are live casino games? In a nutshell, these are popular casino games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette that you can play from home, with other players from around the world. The kicker is that you play with a real-life dealer, real cards, and real tables, all connected to you via an interactive livestream.

For example, if you were to play online casino at Paddy Power Games, you could enter a so-called "live casino lounge" and instantly wager at a real poker table, alongside other players who have entered the same lounge. You can converse with them via an on-screen chatbox, and interact with your dealer to make bets and ask any questions you might have. 


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Live poker on the internet

Poker is the all-time classic casino experience. The game demands from its players a perfect combination of skill and luck. With live poker, you can rock up to the remote poker table with other people and attempt to bluff your way to the prize pot. They say that the local co-ops are dead, but most live poker lounges allow you to play with others, as long as you all enter the lounge on your own separate devices and accounts. Gaming like this can also be a great way to test your bluff-reading skills on the other players.

Live game shows inspired by television

For something a little bit more colorful, you can also try an interactive live game show. Most of the popular ones are based on culturally iconic TV shows such as Deal or No Deal or Wheel of Fortune. With these, your live video uplink connects you to a gaming studio with a game host, who will take your wager and walk you through the game. You and any other contestants who have dialed in from around the world will have a shot at winning real cash prizes, all from the comfort of your own living room (or any other place where you can go online).

Play traditional bingo online

Bingo has been a popular group activity since its invention in Italy in the 16th century. Today the game is played in many countries around the world. With live online bingo, you can enter the bingo hall via your smartphone, tablet or laptop, alongside any others who might also wish to play. The game works much like traditional bingo, with a caller reading out numbers that you need to cross off your sheet in order to win the cash prize. This is traditional social gaming with a very contemporary twist. 

While these days console gaming with multiplayers might not have a ton of variety to offer (barring awesome exceptions like Super Mario Galaxy), online casinos provide no shortage of ways to play alongside other people. The games are both traditional and very contemporary, so there is always something new to try out.