Co-Optimus - Community Blog - 4 Blockchain Games on the Docket This Summer
by bapenguin

4 Blockchain Games on the Docket This Summer

Blockchain games are one of the biggest trends in video gaming. Lately, blockchain game developers have released low-quality titles that, unfortunately, focus on monetization rather than gameplay. Traditional players haven’t been happy with this. However, this summer some great games are coming out that might change some players' minds. Keep reading for the best blockchain games on the docket this summer.

1. Blocklords

Arguably the most exciting blockchain strategy game release of the summer is Blocklords. MetaKing Studios is releasing their grand strategy MMO in which gamers control a mighty hero and create their legacy. Each character exists as an on-chain NFT. Players’ actions determine what attributes and skill their hero will have. They can be a knight, a barbarian, a lord, or many other roles in this expansive medieval metaverse. Players earn incomes by lending, renting, and trading assets.

Headtopics gives a great review of Blocklords and believes it is setting an example for what blockchain strategy games can be. They focus on creative ways in which NFTs enhance gameplay. When playing Blocklords, NFTs have a real impact and are accessible to all players. Players start with a farmer, who can be taken to incredible heights during gameplay.

2. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a new platform that offers users the opportunity to win a jackpot every day. The Lucky Block platform sets it apart from other legacy systems because it focuses on transparency and fairness. Lucky Block also emphasizes charities, with 10% of each jackpot going to a good cause.

3. Silks

Silks is a fascinating crypto game that is a crossover between horse racing and crypto gaming. The game creates a parallel meta verse to the real world. For example, gamers can purchase horses with digital assets. These NFTs represent real thoroughbred horses in the world. Players can track real-world horses as they race, breed, and develop. On the Silks metaverse, players can also acquire other resources, including racing silks, land, and stables.

The Silks ecosystem works with two non-fungible tokens. The $STT token is the in-game currency used to pay out rewards to other players. The $SLK token is the governance coin used on the blockchain used by DAO. Players can stake, mine, and earn more $STT coins as they progress. The platform plans to also add more ways for its players to get higher rewards in the future.

4. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a pixel-based metaverse project where players create custom games and experiences to share with friends and strangers. Imagination is the only real limit in this game. Players can hang out with friends, ride a roller coaster, or finish quests from community members. Users can design in-game items and sell them as tokens in the market. These items can be voted in and traded.

The technology behind blockchain games have given rise to some great new ideas. The metaverses are creative and diverse, and gamers will love the new challenges before them. Don't let the summer go by without trying one of them.