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by bapenguin

Have you played these excellent co-op mobile games with your friends?


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Technology-based innovation is showing no signs of slowing down, is it? In fact, in the gaming genre, we’re inundated with new and exciting products that are promising to change the gaming landscape forever. One of them, in the last decade or so, has been mobile gaming, with people watching streams and playing console titles alongside having the occasional session of a popular smartphone gaming release. 


The sophistication of the average modern-day smartphone has resulted in a better gaming package on offer for people around the world. While it perhaps disappoints in terms of the gameplay and the smaller screen for some, the portability and convenience of mobile gaming appeal to others. From console-quality titles like PUBG Mobile to live dealer roulette games, there are plenty of popular releases to tuck into on a miniature handheld device. There are even some co-op products that are being sampled by friends and family, too. The single-player mobile offering has almost certainly been mastered by developers, making way for a selection of co-op releases that you can play with a gaming companion. Let’s take a look at some of the most appealing options on both iOS and Android below. 


Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart is now accessible on a modern-day mobile phone. Although it probably doesn’t compare to experiencing it on a console machine, Mario Kart Tour is still an excellent title to play a session on a smartphone device. While racing against your friend is enticing, there is a monthly subscription to get the most out of the game, which is certainly an issue for some. Overall, though, Mario Kart Tour is well worth downloading. 


Crossy Road

You’ll almost certainly have played and will play better gaming products than Crossy Road, but it’s still a solid enough game to do battle against your gaming rival on. Offering vibrant colors and an all-around lighthearted take on a game, you and your co-op partner have to cross streets, rivers, and a range of other obstacles safely as you aim to make it across the road, as the name most definitely suggests. A simple game to dip in and out of, you can most definitely get some enjoyment out of it. 


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One of the biggest mobile games ever made, Among Us is particularly popular with friends and family members as they aim to uncover the killer on a spaceship after voting on who they think the guilty party is after each round. A free-to-play release, it’s a blast to play as you use your detective skills to reign supreme against your rivals. 



One of the biggest games to have graced the games industry, Fortnite is one of a growing number of PC and console products that has made a successful transition over to the mobile gaming sphere. While it’s perhaps lacking in terms of the gameplay and the smoother controls compared to other gaming platforms, the option of playing Fortnite on a portable smartphone device is still hugely worthwhile. In terms of co-op features, you can join forces with a friend, form a squad, and then tackle a game together as you aim to reign supreme and become a deadly duo. 



Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO isn’t new, but it has continually evolved since its release in 2016. The popular augmented reality product by Niantic has plenty of co-op opportunities, too. Not only can you walk around parks and take down gyms with friends, but you can also trade with each other, battle against each other, and send daily gifts, as well as have the option of comparing the strength of your collection of Pokemon.