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by bapenguin

Esports: Can Virtual Reality Replace Reality?


Online sports can someday become even more popular than traditional football or basketball. Competitions held for online video games attract millions of people. Moreover, the gamers and teams game almost as much as famous football players. What is the reason behind the sudden popularity of electronic sports? Is it possible that virtual reality can someday replace traditional versions of sports? Today we are looking into popular esports teams and deciding whether virtual reality is not far from superseding our ordinary and mundane world. 

Virtual Reality VS Real Life

There is a whole debate online about people comparing virtual reality with real life. Some people believe that in a decade or so, we will no longer need that much from the real world. It will follow films such as Ready Player One or Free Guy. They all consider game development and popular culture to be essential parts of the modern world. Even though we can hardly deny that virtual reality is a possible future, it doesn’t mean that it will replace real life anytime soon. Virtual reality is still nowhere close to replicating all the advantages of real life. Naturally, you cannot swing from the buildings, use a lightsaber, enjoy the benefits of the Force or be a superhero in real life. Yet, complete immersion into the world of video games is hardly possible right now. Until the technologies can perfectly replicate human emotions, senses, smells, and anything else we love in real life, virtual reality will still be a separate entity. 

Virtual Slot Machines

As we mentioned before, there is a significant difference between virtual reality and real life. They can hardly be compared with one another, and undeniably they both have advantages and disadvantages. It is not even a question that many people would prefer to live in virtual reality. It is more accessible and much more entertaining. However, we still have to live our everyday lives and make a profit. We truly believe that virtual realities can never fully replace real life, but they can complement each other. With the help of online games, people can relax, win money, and make new acquaintances. To get all this, you need to choose suitable gaming sites, and the list that has already selected the best casino for you will 100% leave you satisfied. It will also help you to find good deals, free spins, and no deposit bonuses. Gamers certainly should take advantage of all the extra things they can get to win money and enjoy their user experience. 

Advantages of Esports


As we mentioned before, online sports or sports are getting more and more popular. Football matches and esports competitions draw almost the same amount of people. Besides, professional teams and video game players get insane profits. Some of such competitions offer $2 million in prizes and even more. There is a particular obsession with esports right now. The players can hardly be blamed as they can get millions of dollars while doing what they genuinely enjoy. Besides, you don’t even have to leave your house if you have a good PC. Even though professional competitions are usually held at arenas, some of them encourage remote participation. It means you can get insane prizes while enjoying your favorite game and not traveling anywhere. 

How to Join an Esports Team?

It is pretty easy to join an esports team. Naturally, you have to start small with local groups. However, this industry has massive potential. So it is a perfect time to jump into competitions. That said, there is significant competition in this market right now. There are dozens of different teams, all obsessed with being number one. Right now, we actually recommend you to look for opportunities on your own. Discord and Steam have enough discussions, teams, and offers for those who want to become players. Simply choose the game, do the research, and later you might as well become a part of a professional team. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is doubtful that virtual reality will replace real life anytime soon. There are still walls dividing these two concepts. Living in virtual reality might be more fun and simple; your real life is essential to make money, meet up with your friends and use your six senses. Until the moment when technology can actually replicate all the benefits of real-life, virtual reality can only be viewed as a form of entertainment. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot make a living as part of a professional esports team. 

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