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by bapenguin

How Could I Tell if a Casino's Payment Methods Aren't Secure?

Online gambling has become an increasingly popular pursuit in recent years. Much of the growth in online casinos has been fueled by increased internet access and technological improvements. Furthermore, the lockdowns caused by COVID-19 also served to increase the number of people turning to online gambling as a form of entertainment. 


This is all well and good. However, the lack of regulation online has also given rise to unscrupulous actors who’ve seen online gambling as a fertile ground for taking advantage of gamers willing to part with large sums of money for a bit of fun. While there are plenty of opportunities to sample online gambling portals without investing in any real money. There does come a time when most people want to play more seriously, which involves handing over sensitive financial and personal information. 

It's not always easy to tell whether a particular online portal is legitimate or if the payment methods they use are safe. Naturally, with so many horror stories around innocent people being swindled out of their fortune online, people are often reluctant to share too much information, especially when it comes to transacting in large sums of money. So to make life easier, we’ve put together a handy guide to staying safe when playing your favorite games at an online casino. 

Transparency is a given, but it’s surely not the only determining factor to ascertain the payment methods available are the safest. Just like a casino does its own due diligence, a player should be equally cautious before choosing to register at any given NZ online casino. After all, there’s money at stake here, and we’re pretty sure losing money isn’t something anyone would fancy, especially if it’s not their fault! That’s why being aware of suspicious practices from potentially illegal providers is crucial. While we’ll be listing tell-tale signs to look out for in case you’re unsure of a casino and its offered payment methods, it’s also worth considering real money casinos indexed on NZCasinoClub. And the best part? It’s as trustworthy as it is vast in its selection of providers because all operators are licensed, tried and tested - ready for players to try out and 


The Online Casino Lacks A License 

An easy way to know that a casino lacks trust and probably shouldn’t be trusted with your payment information is by checking its license. Every reputable casino should have its license to trade clearly displayed. As a consumer, using an online casino that is licensed offers you a certain sense of security in that you’ll know it has been subject to regulatory checks. Moreover, if something were to go wrong with regard to a payment method, you can rest assured that the authority in charge will be holding the casino accountable for misconduct. Many people have had to learn the hard way that playing on non-licensed casino sites leaves them susceptible to the risk of fraud and could potentially lead to the loss of money. So be smart and check for licenses!


The Casino Only Offers You One Payment Method

Any legitimate casino will offer you multiple payment methods when it comes to depositing funds and withdrawing your winnings. Be suspicious of any portal that only offers you one method of payment. 


Due to the fact that different players will have different preferences when it comes to their financial transactions, reputable casinos will offer a variety to attract a broader range of clients. Most commonly, you will find that online casinos offer traditional payment methods such as bank transfers, credit cards and debit cards. However, you’ll also see many casinos offering more nuanced payment options such as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies


Whenever we are dealing with financial transactions, safety and security are paramount, so look out for trusted names too. If you are paying with methods such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal, you can rest assured you are in good hands. 


The Website Has No SSL Encryption Information

When it comes to the security of your personal information and financial data online, the latest SSL Encryption software is a must. Considering the large sums of money casinos deal with on a daily basis, SSL encryption is a no-brainer for legitimate websites looking to attract customers. Most reputable online gambling platforms are likely to have their SSL certificates, and credentials clearly displayed. In most instances, you’ll find this information in the URL bar. If you don’t see any sign of it, then it’s a red flag that should warn you to stay as far away from the portal and go elsewhere for a flutter. 


Negative Reviews On Online Forums

Another easy way to establish whether a casino’s payment methods are secure or not is via feedback from your peers. Suppose an online gambling platform is not secure with regard to payment methods and people have had bad experiences with regard to their payment information or personal data being leaked. In that case, you can guarantee they’ll have something to say about it. This is why you should spend some time pursuing online forums for reviews of the site. Although it isn’t a foolproof solution for establishing whether a site’s payment methods are secure, it might help you narrow your search for a reputable casino site. 

In short, online gambling can be a lot of fun whether you are a gambling novice or an old hand at the slots. However, losing money or having your personal information is sure to put a dampener on matters, so don’t fall victim to criminal activity online. Take heed of these useful tips to ensure your online casino payment methods are safe and secure.