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by bapenguin

The 5 Best Online Casino Games You Should Try Today

How likely is this ancient hobby to face a reduction in popularity shortly? Even the overpowering pandemic couldn't get the better of this sector.

The online casino industry is worth billions now, and Aussies have a significant role to play. Their unique gambling culture and strong casino number are to be blamed! But with options in hundreds now, how to fix one? Try out the best online casinos in Australia for the ultimate guide.

It's now time for our well-curated list of the best online casino games. These top entries have a massive fanbase and have always strived towards offering their users the best experience.

5 Most-Recommended Online Casino Games In 2023 and Beyond

What are your top choices when it comes to playing in online casinos? Here are five different types of games you should try your hands on at some point of time.

  1. Online Slots

Slots have always topped the popularity charts at any casino - be it online or land-based. Before the advent of modern online casinos, this fun game was played on machines introduced to the world in the late 1880s.


Online slots offer players a fascinating gaming experience with impressive graphics and addictive audio tracks. The exclusive welcome bonuses and promotions on these platforms cannot be missed.


  1. Craps

This popular table game involves dice, bets, and excitement, but also a bit of intimidation due to its fast pace. In contrast to the live variant which involves 4 dealers, online craps has just one.


Furthermore, craps is one of those versatile games which can be played in many different ways. Using certain gambling strategies will possibly land you greater payouts.


  1. Baccarat

This prestigious table game has now started trending at almost every online casino, due to its simplicity and free-trial mode. Compared to Blackjack, Slots and Roulette, Baccarat involves the lowest house edge.

Some say Baccarat is based on pure luck, but you cannot deny the influence of gambling strategies. Its popular online variations include European Baccarat, Live dealer Baccarat, and American Baccarat.


  1. Video Poker

It's available at almost all online casinos, owing to its huge demand and popularity at traditional houses. Video poker deserves its massive fan base as its developers used two of the best casino games - poker and slots - to give it shape.


Players, therefore, are asked to rely on both the 'skillset required in poker' and 'luck required in slots' to have the perfect harmonious experience.


  1. Keno

This ancient game was first introduced to the world by China. Owing to its enormous popularity at traditional casinos, Keno was one of the first games to get an online presence.


The game involves 80 balls numbered 1-80, and players have to select at most 20 numbers to wager on. Similar to the lottery, if balls with the selected numbers are drawn, the player goes home with a big payout. The higher the number of balls that match, the higher the payout.