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by bapenguin

Can Video Games Be a Good Way to Get to Know Each Other?

Are you excited about your first date with a discreet partner and determined to make the most of it? Consider playing video games. They provide a fun and relaxed environment to try new things and grow fond of each other better, but the best part is that you get to spend time together discreetly. Furthermore, games help build trust and strengthen bonds between people.

What Are the Benefits of Exploring Shared Interests in Video Games?

Here you are, as always, prepared to spend a wonderful evening with your console and your favorite game. Everything seems interesting and right and you are ready to dive into the gameplay. And now you see on the screen how the characters interact with each other, someone saves a woman from danger, someone meets a woman from whom there are only dangers. It would seem that a moment ago you were happy to immerse yourself in the game world alone, but when you see the plot on the screen, you understand that even the protagonist's dating life is more active and interesting than yours.

Fortunately, you can not give up your interests, but find someone who will turn your game night into a date game night. When seeking discreet hookups on dating sites, people often look for alternative date ideas that can let them connect with their partner without meeting in person. So, chances are, you just met your discreet partner online and are wondering what to do on your first date to get to know each other better before the actual hookup. 

Just like trying a new thing, first dates are as stressful, especially when you’re trying to keep it low. Even if you met on a discreet hookups website where people are open about their intentions, you still might feel shy or confused. Video games can help break the ice and lay the ground for an intimate conversation. This can also be a great way to learn more about someone and explore chances of a long-term casual relationship, if any.

Video Games Help Build Connections Fast

You might ask, “Can video games really help build a connection with someone?” Multiplayer games make it easy to learn more about one another in a fun and casual way. Since you will be working towards a common objective, you will be required to communicate with each other and coordinate your actions, thus helping build rapport. You might even enjoy each other’s company more than you thought!

Exploring something new with your partner can be a rewarding experience. If you have never tried gaming, you can use this opportunity to explore the gaming world together! This can be an ideal way to add a little fun and excitement to a virtual date with a discreet partner. 

Games with Realistic Dating Gameplay to Play On A Date

Whether you are interested in the same games or want to try something completely new, there are plenty of options that help you to connect.

  1. GTA Online

Speaking of a wide range of gameplay options where you could play online even if you met on a discreet hookup site and can't get together for an evening so quickly, it's GTA Online. That is, players can use the role-playing option to build their online romantic life inside the game. One player can visit a woman controlled by another player, flirt or have a one-night stand, and still be at home in front of the screens! A full-fledged discreet hookup in the virtual world.

  1. The Elder Scrolls

If both of you are more into fantasy, then you will definitely enjoy one of the most popular multiplayer RPG - The Elder Scrolls. You can start the game alone (or maybe you already have some progress in this game) and as you go through, communicate with others, arrange dates, get married and have children (online!). You will be able to get both dating and adventure experience, and fight dragons in co-op. Literally, anything to make you closer to each other. 

  1. The Sims 4

Everyone knows The Sims life simulation game, and even though it doesn't have official multiplayer, you can still enjoy it during your date. First, if you're spending time at one of your homes, you can just take turns creating characters and send them to neighboring houses, and then, playing as one of them, start a hookup with the second one. And secondly, if you are still limited to chatting on the dating site without personal meetings, then you can look for a multiplayer mod that will allow you to play the game online with other people. All fans are looking forward to the announced The Sims 5 with built-in multiplayer to enjoy the opportunity to build a life together online.


Playing games on a date can be a great way to keep things casual and inevitably lead to fun moments that can help establish a rapport. By doing this together, you explore similar interests while also having fun. Moreover, it can be a great way to keep your dating life discreet. Therefore, playing video games should be a priority if you are looking for ways to bond with someone faster on a first date.