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Best online casino sites in Florida: Top 3 FL casino sites

In terms of your ability to enjoy classic gaming thrills, Florida requires extra contemplation. Real money casinos are illegal, while daily fantasy sports and horse racing at certain tracks are allowed. 


Most important of all is that social – also known as sweepstakes – casinos are permitted. For the uninitiated, this means that everyone should be able to find an experience at an online casino in Florida which suits them. This includes examples like the popular, where you can get an exclusive 5% rakeback offer with code MIKBONUS


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Top online casinos in Florida

The fastest way to get an idea of what’s available to you is to take a brief look at a trio of top FL casinos, just to get a lay of the land:

  • Popular crypto option with generous, creative promotions, such as their 5% rakeback offer exclusively available when you use promo code MIKBONUS

  • Live casino and sportsbook additions take this already established casino to the next level. 

  • Fortune Coins: Provides immediate access to over 50 games thanks to a generous welcome offer. 

Promotional and general comparison of Florida online casino sites

This is a showcase of the key attributes of that trio of operators, to provide an overview of what they offer:



Best For 

Bonus Offer

Casino Games Offered 

Its mixture of original games from Stake Originals and mainstream hits from Pragmatic Play and Hacksaw Gaming

MIKBONUS – use this bonus code to unlock 5% rakeback on house edge

The renowned software development team provides hundreds of titles. Many are slots, but there’s also ample table games and other alternatives

Fortune Coins 

A colorful, attention-holding casino experience

Refer a friend and receive a reward if they choose to make a purchase

Jackpot slots make up the majority of their 50+ strong library 

Fun-focused casino fans more interested in games than prizes 

Consistently reloaded credits (once every four hours) ensures hours of gaming fun  

The likes of Everi, Konami, NetEnt, Red Tiger and more come together to craft an enormous 500+ strong library of slots and table games, including a live casino

Can you win money playing at top FL casinos? 

You certainly can. To be clear, sweepstakes casinos do not allow for real money gambling, as online casino gambling is illegal in Florida. However, you can play these games for fun with virtual currencies. 


Prizes are also allowed at sweepstakes casinos, and these prizes can include cash. So, it’s entirely legal and possible to win cash prizes at a casino in Florida – just through prizes, not gambling. 

Understanding the virtual currencies

The virtual currencies mentioned above can be understood as the following: 


  • A currency with no monetary value

  • A kind of token used in place of real money at social casinos, so the games can operate and have stakes.


They can also be broken down into both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. (These names are a typical example, as they may have alternate names depending on the operator.) 


The way they work is simple: they both have no monetary value. However, Sweeps Coins are also used as sweepstakes entries and, therefore, can be used to redeem prizes. Another distinction as a result of this is that Gold Coins can be purchased, but Sweeps Coins cannot.


To be clear, the virtual currencies are a complete replacement for real money. No online casino in Florida can legally allow for cash to be used, except for the purposes of purchasing additional Gold Coins for entertainment purposes. 

The logistics of using social casino coins

For the most part, you don’t really need to know anything to understand how to use virtual currencies on the best online casino sites in Florida. They’re made to replicate real money gaming, so if you know what to do there, you’ve pretty much got it figured. 


For instance, you choose how much you want to wager and then spin the slot reel. You then lose coins if it fails and win more if successful – just as normal. The key practical difference is the redemption process with Sweeps Coins. Here’s a typical redemption process, so you know what to expect:


  1. Collect Sweeps Coins (find out how below).

  2. Verify your identity and confirm your banking details. This prevents potential delays later.

  3. Play through your Sweeps Coins as many times as is required by the operator, with 3x being a common example. 

  4. When you have enough Sweeps Coins to meet any minimum requirements, you can redeem them for prizes, including the likes of vouchers, merchandise, and cash prizes.


The value of a Sweeps Coin does vary. As an example, the online casino in Florida favorite – – has a simple and generous redemption of a dollar per Stake Coin (their name for Sweeps Coins).

Can I really enjoy social casinos in Florida without purchase?

While you can buy Gold Coins, this is always entirely optional. This is because there are many ways in which coins can be accessed for free, as detailed below. 

How to get free Gold and Sweeps Coins

The way you get either coins are typically similar, with the exception that only Gold Coins may be purchased. That said, Sweeps Coins can actually be offered as a bonus with the purchase, so you may receive both in a single transaction. In addition, it’s common to only see Sweeps Coins specifically offered via a mail-in request. 


Otherwise, you can commonly get free coins – both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins – the following ways: 


  • Through a registration bonus

  • Via frequent logins (time periods may vary, but daily rewards are common) 

  • As a result of a social media giveaway or competition 

  • For winning a competition on your chosen casino 

  • As the result of free spins or other game 

  • For winning more coins during regular play 


Do note that more ways are possible from individual Florida online casino sites, but the above should provide a decent overview of likely ways you can boost your coin collection. 


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Three top picks for your ideal sweepstakes casino in Florida

These three examples represent the variety and quality available from the top social online casino in Florida options – of which there are many. These offer an ideal starting point for your search for the right sweepstakes option for you, whatever you decide: A crypto powered powderkeg of gaming goodness

To be clear, it’s not just that has a varied gaming library – it’s that it has one which is like no other, thanks to Stake Originals. They don’t just cover games that are often ignored, like Crash or Dice, but they do so to high standards and a back to basics approach, making it ideal for traditionalists. 


Plus, their promotions really are generous. The methods of gathering coins mentioned above all make an appearance at the casino. This is alongside exclusive offers, like the 5% rakeback offer on the house edge when you use promo code MIKBONUS. 


The fun is further backed up by a transparent, fair and generous coin redemption system, which can also be paid out in cryptocurrencies, further broadening their appeal. Beyond that, everything has been optimized to peak useability. Even if you were very inexperienced with casino gaming, everything here is so carefully laid-out and well explained, this would still be accessible to you. In brief, it seems likely a lot of people will find their ideal social casino match with 



  • Broad appeal 

  • Games suited to traditionalists 

  • More modern titles available

  • Exclusive rakeback offer 

  • Redeem with cryptocurrencies 


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As far as online casino in Florida options go, it’s likely none are as polarizing as Nonetheless, there will be people for whom they’re the ideal social casino. Put simply, if you’re playing social casinos with prizes in mind and as a major part of your experience, then you’ll want to look elsewhere. That’s because is a social but not really a sweepstakes casino, considering there are no Sweeps Coins and no sweepstakes prizes to be won. 


Rather, they’re simply about providing a free, fun time for fans of all kinds of betting. That means  one of the most versatile game libraries out there, with an army of software developers providing over 500 games, including a star-studded selection of slots and many table games. They also have a surprisingly deep Slingo selection.  


That said, the jewel in their crown for many will certainly be their live casino and the sportsbook they offer. Many casino fans will love the latter addition, as making predictions on their favorite sports games is an experience rarely offered on social casino sites. 



  • If prizes don’t matter to your experience, they could be ideal

  • Big selection of Slingo titles

  • Nine different software developers

  • Top-tier live casino 

  • Predict your favorite sports for fun 


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Fortune Coins: All the thrills without the risk

While it might not be the first thing that catches your eye, it’s worth mentioning that Fortune Coins has a very strong foundation on which to provide a great gaming experience. This means that their site – whether you’re on mobile or desktop – is reliable. It works as it should and is simple to use, thanks to a smooth operation and a logically laid-out structure. They also explain themselves very well. It’s easy to understand how all their promotions, games and even the redemption process works. 


This is bolstered by friendly, around the clock customer service, who can clear up any remaining confusion. Perhaps it’s not the most pulse-racing part of the experience, but it’s vital to its quality. 


But what makes them stand out? Having a welcome offer provides 140,000 Gold Coins and 500 Fortune Coins the moment you complete your account registration certainly helps. This is in addition to a sturdy VIP program aimed at rewarding long-term players. Alongside that, there’s the colorful design – which will be polarizing, but will almost certainly have its fans. And of course, there’s the games themselves. Mostly jackpot-based slots, they create a great space for slot fans hoping to recreate the thrill of winning big. 



  • Well designed site is easy to navigate 

  • Colorful aesthetics will please many 

  • Jackpot slots provide something unique 

  • Consistently high quality promotions

  • Reliable customer service


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How to choose your perfect online casino in Florida

As you can see from the selection above, there’s plenty of great Florida online casino sites to choose from. It should also be clear that many of them offer very different things. 


Therefore, figuring out what’s right for you can be tricky, and takes many considerations. Below, you’ll find a look at what can be considered to be the most pertinent factors to help you find your ideal match: 

Safety and security

First and foremost, you must ensure that the site in question is legitimately and legally available to you. Next, you should be able to find information on things like the privacy policy, encryption and their general reputation. This is especially easy if they’re available on the App Store. 

Banking options that suit you

Assuming you wish to either purchase Gold Coins and/or want to redeem prizes, you’ll need banking options that suit you. Here, you’ll want to not just ensure that they have options relevant to you but also that their transaction times are fair and there are no unreasonable fees attached. 

A complete customer service 

All of the above points are made easier if customer service is at hand. If you aren’t sure of anything, you can just ask them. Furthermore, from the Help section to actual contact with the customer service team, this is a vital part of having a quality, easy casino experience. 

Promotional quality and enjoyment 

Bonus offers are even more important at a social casino than a real money equivalent. After all, you literally can’t play without them. So, check out the generosity of the promotions. In other words, see how many coins you can get and how easily, and also how much fun the bonuses can offer – whether that be through mini-games, competitions, or anything else.  

The prize redemption process 

If you’re interested in prizes, you’ll need to know how they work. This is where the redemption process comes in. What you need to be looking for is how much your Sweeps Coins are worth, what you need to do to redeem them, and what prizes are on offer. 

An interesting games library

Really simply, any great casino operator should have all the games you could possibly want to play – and to a high standard. The casino quality out there is so high that this should be expected. You can afford to be picky here.

An experience available on mobile

Should you wish to play portably, you’ll need a social casino that can meet your mobile needs. This means checking they have a relevant app available or mobile browser option, and ensuring that it lives up to the standards set by the desktop. 

Conclusion: Your ideal online casino in Florida is out there

The above recommendations for finding the best online casino sites in Florida are to ensure you get the absolute best of the best. But to be clear, these three picks are just a small selection of what’s available. You can easily find a good social betting site in Florida. The standards are such that you may find a great one just by checking out some of the more reputable names. 


That said, there’s no better starting point than with that trio of recommendations – especially when you consider all the exciting extras, such as the exclusive 5% rakeback offer with promo code MIKBONUS at Wherever you land in your search for your favorite social casino in Florida, you’re sure to be spoiled for choice. 


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Online casino in Florida FAQ


What are some of the best social casinos available in Florida? 

There are many great social casinos available to Floridians, which are entirely legal and legitimate. Among the best include, and Fortune Coins, which are all considered excellent and offer distinct gaming experiences. These serve as an example of how everyone should be able to find a social casino which works for their gaming preferences. 


Can I use Florida sweepstakes casinos without spending anything? 

Every social/sweepstakes casino in Florida should allow you to play their casino games via the use of free virtual coins. This means that no deposit or purchase is necessary to play on them. Banking information is only required if you wish to buy more Gold Coins or to redeem cash prizes. 


What are some important considerations when choosing a social casino in Florida? 

There are many important things to take into account when choosing the right social casino for you. This includes the security and legitimacy of the operator, the banking options available, and the customer service options and quality. You’ll also want to consider their promotional availability and generosity, how coins and the redemption process works, the availability and standards on mobile, alongside the games themselves.