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by bapenguin

5 Badass Cougar Women in Video Games You Like



Why are video games so popular these days? Why have they become the top leisure activity across the globe, outstripping the numbers who enjoy watching movies or listening to music? There are many reasons. It’s empowering to come across protagonists you can strongly identify with, such as badass older women! Gaming is also a terrific form of escapism, allowing you to become immersed in different realms with these characters. Here we’ll consider why feisty cougars make great role models and look into some of the best examples.


Mature Women in Video Games


So, why are older females never given the same prominence as their male counterparts, who are represented in many titles? If gaming is a reflection of society as a whole, this hardly seems surprising. Everyone from male movie stars to pop stars to company directors enjoy lengthy careers, where any advance in age is never regarded as a big deal. Their female counterparts often feel obliged to diet or subject themselves to cosmetic surgery when they reach a certain age. But older women who have just as much to give are strong role models, which is why badass cougars are dream characters for the 50% of the gaming community who are female. Let’s face it: females are still struggling for equality in the 21st century, especially those who might be termed middle-aged. Gamers love to champion the underdog!


Do We Feel Like We Need to Meet Cougar Women More in Games and in Life?


If you’re a dude who likes gaming, did you realize you fall into the cougar catchment zone?! These mature beauties love interacting with young men with a passion for their hobbies. If you’re one of these males, you can meet cougars online and start flirting immediately. The digital environment is ideal for creating an atmosphere where nobody is ever judged, with cougar chat rooms where you can get to know a diverse range of older female gamers. The older generation has become particularly tech-savvy, with cougars gravitating to both dating sites and apps and a wide selection of video game titles. Once you touch base with an attractive older woman, you can take as long as you wish to develop a rapport. Use the discreet messaging platform to discover all the things you have in common. If you both relish playing video games, this will give you scope for so many interesting conversation topics. Eventually, you’ll want to arrange a get-together in the real world, perhaps with gaming as the backdrop to your romantic liaison. And when you get around to organizing this, how about some inspirational females?


5 Female Characters Who Can Be Called Cougars


Sonya Blade (Mortal Combat)


You can’t get more badass than a special forces officer inspired by the real-life martial arts exponent Cynthia Rothrock (now 65), who has black belts in karate, wushu, taekwondo, eagle claw, and Northern Shaolin. An impulsive character, her nemesis is Kano, leader of the criminal Black Dragon organization. If you want to get fatalities from hot mature women, go straight to Mortal Kombat co-op mode. Opponents mess with this sassy cougar at their peril!


Mad Moxxi (Borderlands)


In an out-and-out shooter game, here you are pitched into a brutal struggle with a range of enemies, both human and non-human. You also have a variety of weapons at your disposal. In the second outing of Borderlands, Moxxi is a demented cougar seeking husband number four by doing battle in fantastical public arenas. She pits her considerable skills against various combatants, gaining experience in the art of violence at every opportunity.


Lady Dimitrescu (Resident Evil)


If you’re keen to come across a stronger female protagonist, you can’t do much better than this fearless vampire character! This noblewoman with a deadly taste for blood lives in a castle with her three daughters. Based on Polish actress Helena Ma?kowska, this cougar has captured the imagination of a large fanbase. Expect to encounter a Lady Dimitrescu or two should you attend a cosplay event!


Yennefer (The Witcher)


What’s more attractive than a cougar? A cougar who is also a sorceress – aged 94 but considered a ravishing beauty! With her violet eyes and raven hair, she is a wonderful role model for gamers seeking older protagonists.


Freya (God of War)


At times friendly and motherly, Freya is also the goddess of love in this gripping video game. She has multiple traits, including flirtatiousness – you’ll have great fun getting to grips with her during the gameplay.


Of course, there are many more attractive female characters, and people love video games for the variety and abundance of opportunities to play. Follow your desires and meet cougars online or play as female characters, and don't forget that in the real world you can find these mature ladies on dating sites if they grasp your attention the most!